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Celebrate Life Magazine - Fall 2017

The fall 2017 issue of Celebrate Life Magazine contains "Abortion Victim Photos" by Lori Hadacek Chaplin, "Securing the future" by Laura Kizior, "A pro-life Giant" by Donald DeMarco, PhD, "God's Little Ones" by Diane Stark, and "Roe v. Wade's days are numbered" by Raymond J. Adamek, PhD

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Educational products for grades K–12 “The progression of the four units makes great sense. I like that you include biblical references and a saint. Games and activities are age-appropriate and contentspecific. Letters to parents are informative so that we can educate the entire family.” — Anne Brahier, M.Ed., Teacher at Saint Rose Catholic School, Perrysburg, Ohio “My Grade 8 students were immediately drawn to this lesson and the content. Young people are always happy to see babies, and this resource taps into their instinct to protect our defenseless brothers and sisters in the womb! Love the website at CLSP! I am continually finding new lessons to share and recommend. Thank God for CLSP and ALL!” — Rosemary Circo, Teacher at Saint Bruno Catholic School, Whittier, California “So glad to have something to combat what public schools have taught. Excellent resource for all families, not just homeschooling. Thanks!” — Theresa, customer review DOWNLOADS $ 9 each BOOKLETS $ 12 each Two great lessons about the culture of life for junior high school students! Defend Life: The Beauty of the Developing Human Being explores the science of the earliest moments of a person’s life and gives students a firm foundation regarding the fact that every human being’s life must be protected from creation until death. Defend Life: Marriage and Family teaches students that God created marriage between one man and one woman. Through the lives of saints and saintly couples, students learn how they can stand up and defend marriage and the family in our society. Find more lessons available for instant download at TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE AT OR CALL 540-659-4171. 22 Celebrate Life Magazine | FALL 2017

ALL INSIDER BEHIND THE SCENES AT AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE Are there pro-life lessons in English literature? You bet! By Laura Kizior, curriculum developer for ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program WHEN WE TALK about Dream of the Rood, we often see customers turn away, dreading the thought of teaching Medieval English literature. This past summer, one homeschool co-op teacher approached our conference table with trepidation, thinking that none of our materials would fit into her high school English class this fall. I showed her Dream of the Rood, explaining that the students first learn about the Medieval understanding of heroes and then apply what they’ve learned to modern-day pro-life heroes. When the teacher realized that we organized the lesson, she became very excited. She later wrote to us to express how excited she was to start teaching this fall. Part of the fun we have at conferences is watching the growing excitement of teachers when they discover how they can teach the culture of life in every class and at every grade level. Joy from unexpected places By an ALL staff member WORKING AT American Life League is a constant struggle to protect the lives of every human being, from creation to death. We are encouraged when we see the victories brought about by our work: hundreds of abortion facilities closed for good; mothers who tell us they chose life for their preborn child after viewing our Baby Steps DVD; and the list goes on and on. Yet, every day, the culture of death devises another way to kill God’s children. Some days, the demands on our funds are overwhelming and we wonder how we will get the resources to go on. We had such a day recently. Then, after our morning prayer, we began opening the mail. It was Tuesday, the worst day of the week for donations. Among the short stack of envelopes, there was one from a lawyer. We opened it and there was an estate check for $33,000! We will save more lives today! You cannot imagine how uplifting it is to know our supporters remember us—even from beyond the grave. Praise God! A God-given moment By Jim Sedlak, ALL’s executive director and founder of STOPP A FEW YEARS ago, two people from our STOPP effort were at a hotel where an annual Planned Parenthood convention was to begin the next day. That night, they found a crew in a ballroom building a stage for PP’s use. Much of the stage was finished and there were already PP logos and signs in place. Our people walked on the stage and began taking pictures of themselves behind the podium. Even now, those pictures remind us that Planned Parenthood is not invincible. After all, they couldn’t even keep us off their stage. One day, we’ll stand on a similar stage and announce the demise of that oncedominant organization. God will not lose. FALL 2017 | Celebrate Life Magazine 23

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