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Annual Report FY2016

at Habitat for Humanity

at Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis volunteers For over a year, she spent her time volunteering Counties. our nonprofit, giving a hand where it was needed. for helped at the Ogden ReStore, even before it was She She was an inspiration for many volunteers and built. She will be missed at our Habitat for Humanity members. In honor of Pam, we had decided to make a family. to the American Cancer Society. donation Sue Carney Slater, 64 years of age, passed away Pamela May 29, 2017, in West Haven, Utah, after a long battle on cancer. Pam was born in McAllen, Texas, on January with 1953, to Ted and Peggy Carney. 7, attended school in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Pam in 1971. On June 16, 1974, Pam married her graduating companion, L. Kent Slater, and from this union faithful three wonderful sons: Brad and Stephanie Slater of came Falls, Idaho; Mike Slater of Taylor, Utah; and Joe and Twin Slater of Hooper, Utah. Pam was a grandmother to Bonnie grandchildren (Derek of Brad and Stephanie; Taig, nine Shae of Mike Slater and Heather Nancino; Jaxon, Jake, was proudly married to L. Kent Pam for over 43 years. Pam was the Slater of five children and is survived second Ted Carney Jr. of Visalia, California; by: and Marilyn Carney of Prescott Bill Arizona; Matt and Lisa Carney of Valley, Springs, California. Pam also Diamond survived by many loving aunts, is and cousins, which are too uncles, to mention. Pam was preceded many death by her father, Ted Carney of in California; her mother, Peggy Fresno, of Hamilton, Texas; and her Carney Sharon Elizabeth of Bakersfield, sister, and picture from: Source Examiner: Standard 17/05/31/Pamela-Sue-Carney- Slater.html? printFriendly=201705310025 IN LOVING MEMORY OF HABITAT VOLUNTEER, PAMELA SUE CARNEY SLATER 7, 1953 ~ May 29, 2017 January Sue Carney Slater was one of our most dedicated Pamela California (Standard Examiner). Luke, Drew, Colby and Breck of Joe and Bonnie Slater). - 10 -


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