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St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

In My day Burton Latimer

In My day Burton Latimer Medical Centre the Patients ramblings Participation of Hubert Group James (from St. Mary the Virgin, Burton Latimer Magazine by kind permission of Sue Hartley) A Patient Participation Group (PPG) was formed in 2005 following several concerns expressed by patients in the local press and at a public meeting in the community centre. The PPG was made up of between 6 and 10 interested patients, a GP, staff representative and the Practice Manager. They act as a critical friend to the practice. In 2015 the Practice Manager In changed and in the same year my the day it was first about Care this Quality time that Commission everyone would (CQC) venture out in their best winter hat. Almost inspection of the Medical Centre took everyone wore hats in those days. As place. a young The ‘un inspection I was never found without four my out bobble of five hat. of It the was areas a woolly in the hat practice with a woolly required bobble improvement, that we had made the fifth ourselves being using rated to ‘Good’. cardboard discs. I know nowadays these At the hats CQC have follow made up a comeback inspection but the new PPG bobbles representatives look like it has expressed been made of fur. several Where continuing do they get concerns them? Are about there the dozens aspects of rabbits of the bouncing functioning around of the on tailless bums? practice. The non staff PPG Course, as time went on we saw a lot of ladies members discarding were their surprised hats and that moving the into CQC the world ratings of at headscarves. this inspection In fact were headscarves given as ‘Good’ quickly in reached all five epidemic categories level. but Well were they shocked were practical to receive and a often letter colourful. from GP’s They telling took them pressure that the off PPG ladies who were were being concerned disbanded. about how their hair looked There when are they obviously set off questions for the shops. that Old need and addressing young, rich and not poor, least were of which all is drawn to this fashion trend. They were the apparent lack of rigour in the CQC perfect not only for shopping but for more or inspection less every out process. door event. Also And you of can see course, from the quickly (Burton got the Latimer) seal of approval town from council celebrities minutes around that, the according Globe. The to the ultimate constitution, endorsement the practice surfaced do when not have Her Majesty the authority the Queen, to disband ‘God Bless the Her’, PPG tied on without a string a of decision scarves whilst being out taken in the by a fresh majority air. You’d of its see members. her in something more robust If you when are she interested was out in on finding the gallops out all visiting her stables or planting a tree but the details relating to this issue please she quickly swapped to a more delicate scarf go to when attending the Derby or then opening click on council minutes, October a 2017, new hospital councillors ward. reports. Mind you This she always is our sought Health out Centre quality. on which we rely and Some clearly of something her finest head is not scarves right. were designed Sue Hartley. and made at a house on Bell Hill by a chap called John Paul Goatear. Goatear had a mulberry tree in his garden that his kids ran around. One day he spotted that the tree was home to a load of caterpillars. These turned out to be silkworms. Before he knew it Goatear had a supply of the finest silk and he set to, making headscarves. Her Majesty quickly became his best customer. She was known to comment that she was taken by the ‘diaphanous’ nature of the fabric. Apparently, this word means sheer and is nothing to do with breathing. Everyone agreed the fabric was especially sheer. Now there is a rumour that when Mrs Thatcher took office she passed a law that only Royalty could wear headscarves. I don’t know how true this is, but what cannot be denied is that nobody else wore headscarves after the beginning of the 80’s. Well not legally anyway. Poor old Goatear’s business went bust. But there is no doubt that when someone put a head sheer on it was perfect. Church Monthly Draw The results of the January church monthly draw are as follows: Total receipts of £242.00 are divided equally between the winners and the church funds. Winning numbers for the January monthly draw are: 1st prize 138 £60.50 2nd prize 154 £36.30 3rd prize 87 £24.20 If you would like to join the monthly draw (£1.00 per share per month) which takes place in the church on the first Sunday of the month, please contact Kathy Hobbs on 01933 398794.

Town Diary February March 1st 7.30 TG Town Hall, Kevin Varty ‘Two intriguing murders and a ghost story’ 2nd 2pm Women’s World Day of Prayer, St Mary’s Church 4th 6pm Evensong, St Mary’s Church. 4th 12pm Sunday lunch, Mission Room 6th 2.30 Mothers Union, Mission Room 13th 9.45 coffee morning, Bowls Club 7th 8th 7pm Taize service, St Mary’s Church 3.15 Thursday Club Pancake races, Junior School 24th 27th 11-12pm Tax, care & toy boys, Community Centre 9.45 coffee morning, Bowls Club 10th St Mary’s Church Choir singing evensong at Peterborough Cathedral 30th 10.20 Good Friday Procession of Witness. 13th Coffee morning, Bowls Club 7pm Churches together Angel Drive, Wesleyan Chapel 14th 7pm Ash Wednesday service, St Mary’s Church 17th 10am Flower Festival Jumble Sale, Mission Room 7.30 Valentine Barn Dance, Community Centre 25th 11am-3pm Open Gardens, 67/69 High Street 11am-3.00pm St Mary’s Church open 26th 7.30 History Society, Mission Room, Social Networking before WW2. 27th Coffee morning, Bowls Club March 2nd 4th 2pm Women’s World Day of Prayer, St Mary’s Church 12pm Sunday Lunch, Mission Room 13th 9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club 24th 11-12pm Tax, Care & Toy Boys talk, Community Centre 27th 9.45 Coffee Morning, Bowls Club 30th 10.20 Good Friday Procession of Witness April 5th 20th 28th May 11th June 3rd 13/ 16th 23rd 24th July 7th 8th October 10th 7.30 TG Town Hall, Flower Demonstration Arts Barn Gilbert & Sullivan society. St Mary’s church Bell ringers outing to Winchester Lyra Singers, St Mary’s Church. June 2-6 pm National Garden Scheme opening, 67/69 High Street. Sister Act, Star Hall. Churches together Scarecrow Festival 2-6 pm National Garden Scheme opening, 67/69 High Street. July Organ Recital by William Whitehead, St Mary’s Church. 3pm Hymns on the Green 7pm Inter church quiz, Wesleyan chapel St Michael’s Mission Room, Well Street, Finedon Available for hire weekdays, Saturdays & Sundays. Suitable for most social functions, charitable events, children's parties (no late discos) For all enquiries and information contact Bryan & Christine Chapman Tel: 01933 398818 Email: 15

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