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St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

Vicar: Finedon Parish

Vicar: Finedon Parish Church: St Mary The Virgin The Revd Richard Coles, St Mary the Virgin Finedon, The Vicarage, Church Hill, Finedon, Northants, NN9 5NR 01933 681 786, Mobile 07885 967 960 email: Assistant Honorary Priest Fr Peter Baden,01832 733186 email: Reader Mr Michael Duncombe, 01536 483935 email: Parish Clerk Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364 (To whom first contact for Baptisms and weddings must be made). Churchwardens: Mrs Jane Read Tel: 680522 Mr Neil Forster Tel: 682177 PCC Secretary: Mrs Gill Foster Tel: 680364 Treasurer: Mr Andrew Weatherill Tel: 682212 Magazine Editor: Mrs Janet Millington, Tel: 681161. email: (to whom all copy should addressed by the 15 th of the month prior to publication) Director of Music Mr Jonathan Harris Tel: 01933 779059, Mobile 07791 664507 Email: Deputy Organists Mrs. Kathy Roberts Mr Oliver Grigg Choirmaster: Mr. Bryan Chapman Tel: 398818 Tower Captain Mr Bryan Chapman, Tel 398818 Web Site bellringers.html Archivist St Michael’s Mission Room: Bryan & Christine Chapman Tel: 01933 398818 Times Of Services: Sundays 8.00 am Holy Eucharist 9.30 am Parish Eucharist. 6.00 pm Evensong (1st Sunday of the Month) Visit us on the Web at

From the Vicarage, February 2018. A New Year, and in spite of storms and rain and freezing temperatures, the first snowdrops appear, or Candlemas Bells as they were known, their arrival coinciding with one of the Church’s practically forgotten feasts (actually they seem to arrive earlier and earlier - I saw some on New Year’s Day - but we’ll let that pass). Candlemas commemorates the encounter between Simeon, the old prophet of Israel, and the infant Christ at the Temple; and to a man who is blind (the tradition maintains), vision is restored. Vision? Yes, the hope of his nation suddenly manifest in the form of a child, right in front of him. He, in his blindness, sees what the rest of us can’t see: God incarnate. So overwhelming is this, that he says the word now preserved in the Nunc Dimittis and said each night at Evensong. Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace according to thy word. For mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people; To be a light to lighten the Gentiles and to be the glory of thy people Israel It’s a profound theme in the Bible, both Old Testament and New, how we must be blind in order to see. It means, I think, that we’re too often blinded the distractions and dazzle of his world, and fail to see what is happening right in front of us: God’s unfolding purpose for us and for everyone. As we head into Lent we have an opportunity again to look through the dazzle once more into the completely surprising mystery of God, so that we too, like Simeon, might have our vision restored. Yours in Christ, Fr Richard. 3

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