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St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

St Mary's February 2018 Magazine

Early ticket sales have

Early ticket sales have been good so book soon! Townswomen’s Guild The next Townswomen's Guild meeting will be at 7.30 pm on 1st February in the Town Hall. The speaker is Kevin Varty whose topic is 'Two intriguing Murders and a Ghost Story'. There will be a sales table of books and puzzles during the social half-hour, and the competition is for a witch's hat. Visitors will be made most welcome. Let Us Entertain You The profits from ‘let us entertain you’ will help toward updating equipment of the kids alive youth club run by the Finedon Independent Wesleyan chapel. Jonathan Reynolds has put together a cast of familiar star hall performers along with some new faces and in particular five pre-teenage entertainers including vocalists Chelsea Ray, Lily Tofte and Jessie Trasler plus talented twin dancers Chloe and Lauren Large. Adding to the dancing line up with Christy-Ann Wilson and the Lacatusu sisters Elly and Remi, under the watchful eye of expert dance teacher/choreographer Nicola Large. Finedon based young people will be working hard alongside the adults to ensure a thoroughly entertaining evening of song, dance and comedy. FINEDON LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY FARMING IN FINEDON Early in January we obtained new information about Finedon’s farming heritage. We have managed to include this in the book but it has set our proposed schedule back a few days. The first delivery of books should now arrive in the week beginning February 12th 2018. You can still order a copy of Farming in Finedon, but the cost of carriage & packing means that we shall have to charge £20 per copy and a deposit of £5 per book will be requested. Don’t miss out! Order your copy now by contacting Malcolm Peet at 13 Rockleigh Close, or telephone Malcolm on 01933 680773.

Finedon Parish Council Clerk: Mrs Julia Tufnail Office Hours: Monday-Friday Mornings 7 Amen Place, Little Addington, Northants, NN14 4AU Telephone 07410 633544 Email: Website: Your Councillors: Ray Ogle Chairman Laurence Harper, Acting Chairman Terry Kendall-Torry, Planning Malcolm Ward, also WBC Barbara Bailey, also WBC Sally Farrell, Gill Spencer, Gordon Swann, Stuart Cooper, Andrew Weatherill, Mike Bentley, Danny Mullen, Dennis Willmott The Council has agreed it’s Budget for the next year which can be viewed on our website The replacement of the railings at Tainty Field is underway and Planning Permission has had to be sought. Once we know the outcome of this, we can press ahead. Part funding has also been applied for from WBC and the Council is hoping that this will be granted to ease the pressure on the Council’s budget. You will have noticed that the trees have been dealt with throughout the village and the difference it has made to the open spaces. Banks Park has been smartened up no end and the brick pillars are on the list for repair following vandal damage earlier in the year. We all await the outcome of the NCC budget process which will determine the future of the library in Finedon. The Parish Council have had to forward plan with financial aid to keep the library as a going and viable concern if, despite all efforts, the NCC goes ahead with its proposals. The Council has had a number of 9 complaints about dog fouling in the village. WBC’s Dog Warden is aware of the issues in Finedon and is keeping an eye on the situation. If anyone knows who is responsible for the fouling, please contact the Dog Warden as they have powers to prosecute. It would be really helpful to them if you are able to provide dates & times as well so that they can build a case. Whilst the Parish Council fully supports the Dog Warden, it does not have any such powers, so please contact WBC direct. As usual, please feel free to contact me should you have anything you wish to bring to the Council’s attention. Providing it is within the Council’s remit, we will try our best to make Finedon a better place to live. Julia Tufnail Clerk, Finedon Parish Council St Mary’s Thursday Club will be holding their Pancake Races on Thursday 8th February at Finedon Junior School in the Playground. Races will start at 3.15pm Races will start with pre-school children and younger, we will then work up through the school years. There will be a cake stall and refreshments will be served in the school canteen. There will also be a raffle. Look out for our posters that will be around Finedon. All proceeds will be donated to The Children's Society.

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