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IVC Guide to working with the puppy trade November 2017 v7 FINAL (00000002)

IVC Guide to working with the puppy trade November 2017 v7 FINAL

IVC Guide to working with the puppy trade November 2017 Illegal puppy selling in the UK is an issue that is becoming increasingly more common as the publics’ desire for ‘designer’ dogs continues to grow. This is driven in part by the high price that customers are prepared to pay for puppies in the UK, second only to Sweden. This is ultimately what makes the UK attractive to the legal and illegal puppy trade IVC want to ensure that we have provided our practices with the best possible advice so as to be certain that all practices take a professional stance when dealing with the puppy trade We recognise that purchasing of puppies directly from the original breeder has the greatest positive impact on the current and future health and wellbeing of the animal. We should therefore always advise clients that our belief is that this represents the best way to acquire a healthy and well socialised puppy The purpose of this document is to allow practices to establish which of their clients that breed dogs or sell puppies, need to be licenced, why the licence is significant and how to support their clients in becoming licensed or maintaining their licensing. It also aims to provide advice on practice relationships with Breeders and/or Pet Shops and how to maintain and develop relations with those who engage in the breeding and selling of puppies within the law. No Vet should enter into activities which are complicit with illegal activity We would like IVC practices not to enter into new relationships with establishments who act as 3 rd party agents in the sale of puppies who cannot provide adequate evidence that they are compliant with the legalities surrounding the breeding and selling of puppies. Primarily focusing on the background in which the puppy has been born and reared with specific emphasis on its wellbeing, socialisation and health. It must also be considered that if the puppy has been transported, has this been done correctly and satisfactorily. What is a Breeder? A breeder is someone who has a bitch that has whelped on site and the puppies have been or are being sold from the same location at which they have been bred What is a pet shop/Dealer? A Pet shop or dealer does not sell from the same location where the animal is bred. They either purchase puppies in from a breeder for sale or are selling puppies that they have bred, but at a different location E.g. If puppies are bred at Dodgy Puppies are us and sold from Station House in Bath even if the owner is the same person a pet shop licence is required. Pet shops must be licensed with the Local Authority- If not they are illegally trading and a criminal offence is committed. The ‘Model Conditions for Pet Vending Licenses 2013’ produced by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health can be found here (i) v7 January 2018 1

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