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Celebrate Life Magazine - Winter 2018

The winter 2018 issue of Celebrate Life Magazine contains "The end of neutrality" by Terrell Clemmons, "Pro-life essay winners," "Humane Vitae's golden anniversary" by Janet E. Smith, PhD, "Priceless value the world does not see" by Lori Hatcher, and "Seven suggestions for recognizing the personhood of the preborn" by Evelyn French

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This was consistent with a recurring theme across all aspects of the case—the running psychic undercurrent of protecting abortion. From the health department to the police to the district attorney to the judge, no one wanted to “touch” abortion or even risk offending “pro-choice” sensibilities. But neutrality on abortion persists behind just such a veil of willful ignorance. Educating the public With Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer (the movie), Phelim and Ann remove that veil. In making it, though, they took great care to craft a feature film that both accurately conveys the story and educates the public about what abortion actually is. Until Gosnell, Ann found pro-life activists distasteful— too earnest, too religious, maybe even manipulative. “Back off with your scary pictures,” she thought, “I’m sure they’ve been photo-shopped anyway.” After learning of the Gosnell case, though, everything changed. The images shown in the courtroom were not from activists. They were from police detectives, medical examiners, and employees of the Gosnell clinic testifying under oath. One of the most piercing moments of the trial occurs when an abortion doctor from a “safe, clean” facility described what constituted “a good, legal abortion.” Nearly everyone on the jury identified as “pro-choice” at the outset, but some let out audible gasps as she explained in detail exactly what she did. “Everyone who started this case ended it more pro-life than when they started,” Phelim said. This included prosecutors, journalists, and even Gosnell’s own attorney. “Basically, once you find out the truth about abortion, you drop the pro-choice easy narrative Phelim McAleer very quickly,” he continued. “Abortion is like an article of faith for some people, you know? They don’t think about it, but they just are pro-abortion. I’ll tell you, their faith was shattered. Everyone’s faith was shattered. Because when you find out the truth about abortion as a pro-choice person, it will rattle your confidence in your prochoice position.” Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer had been scheduled for a fall 2017 rollout, until, in a rare move, Judge Jeffrey Minehart, who had presided over the trial, filed suit to block release, charging that the authors acted “with actual malice” and portrayed [Judge Minehart] “as a villain in their story of the righteous versus the wicked.” The suit has caused delay, but Phelim and Ann are undeterred and hopeful for a spring 2018 release. Initial feedback from screenings has been overwhelmingly positive. Ann McElhinny Although it was admittedly “hard to watch,” one viewer explained, “it was masterfully done.” She praised the producers for conveying the gruesome nature of what happened in a way that she could take her 10-year-old to see. And see it, we must. In 1993, Schindler’s List pierced the world’s conscience through a judicious use of film. Similarly, Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer presents America with a profound moment of truth. With God’s help, many will pause, and (hopefully!) with a changed heart, set about extricating this evil from our midst. Sadly, some will still retreat behind the cowardice of neutrality. Either way, this movie will help everyone make a more informed choice. Terrell Clemmons is a full-time wife and mother of three, and a part-time freelance writer from Indianapolis. She also writes for Salvo and the Lookout magazines. She can be reached at 8 Celebrate Life Magazine | WINTER 2018

BY EVELYN FRENCH © Seven suggestions for recognizing the personhood of the preborn In the last few decades, we have come a long way in our attitude toward expectant mothers. Only 40 years ago, mothers were expected to limit their appearance in public. If a mother was employed, her employment was terminated as soon as her pregnancy was visible. An unfortunate carry-over of our former reticence is that, for the most part, we are inclined to hush-hush a miscarriage. This should not be so, especially among pro-lifers. It is estimated that 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. When a baby is lost through miscarriage, the miscarriage should not be treated as a non-event. It is one thing to respect the privacy of others, but it is another to ignore grieving parents. Grieving parents should not be left alone to suffer in silence. Insensitive comments such as “You can always have another one” are cold; heartless attitudes like this provide no comfort to the grieving parents and miss a crucial aspect of being 100 percent pro-life without exceptions. These insensitive words and attitudes do not re-enforce the pro-life position that a human being is a person from the moment of his/her biological beginning. Regardless of the stage of development at the time of the miscarriage, losing a child is losing a child. We must remember that and approach parents who have miscarried a child with empathy and love. Recognizing the personhood of the preborn What can we do to recognize the little person whose debut is not expected for seven or eight more months? Here are a few suggestions: 1 2 a felony. Support the passage of laws making the deliberate injury or demise of the preborn child Support legislation that treats the remains of a miscarried child with the respect his/her remains are owed as a human person. In some states, no law requires the return of the child’s remains to the family after medical examination, even if they request it. That is an outrage that must be corrected in those states. WINTER 2018 | Celebrate Life Magazine 9

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