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Celebrate Life Magazine - Winter 2018

The winter 2018 issue of Celebrate Life Magazine contains "The end of neutrality" by Terrell Clemmons, "Pro-life essay winners," "Humane Vitae's golden anniversary" by Janet E. Smith, PhD, "Priceless value the world does not see" by Lori Hatcher, and "Seven suggestions for recognizing the personhood of the preborn" by Evelyn French


SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL HIGH SCHOOL My time at St. Michael the Archangel High School By Katie Brown Four years ago, I remember how afraid I was that high school was ending. It was the fall of my senior year at St. Michael the Archangel High School, and I was not ready to leave. The prospect of selecting a college and moving away from home was terrifying. I did not think I was ready. Little did I know that the last four years of high school had been slowly preparing me not only for college but for the rest of my life. Attending St. Michael’s meant being a part of something much bigger. For four years, I was surrounded by values and morals that helped shape me into the person I am today. Whether it was in one of my Sacred Scripture classes, through fellowship on the volleyball team, or an SGA meeting, there was always the understanding that we were all striving for the same thing: greatness. My time at St. Michael’s taught me how to think and apply myself, but also how to live well. And I am where I am today because of an experience I had my senior year of high school. One day during my senior year, the entire school elected to go protest in front of an abortion mill in Manassas, Virginia. It was not a particularly noteworthy day, just another ordinary afternoon. But while standing on the side of the road, holding an ALL “All Life is Precious” sign, a few women driving by flipped us off. Normally, I would have forgotten about such an occurrence, but for some reason, at that moment, I felt called to say a prayer for those women. I never would have done that before my time at St. Michael’s, but as Warriors, we learned that every human being has dignity, even if they are in error. This experience inspired me to write an essay in a scholarship application for the St. Thomas More Program for Public Moral Courage at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. I believe God used the flip-off incident to help those women and me; I received the scholarship and am now preparing to graduate in the spring from Belmont Abbey. At the Abbey, I have been a member of numerous clubs, worked as the editor our newspaper for three years, and will soon graduate with honors. All of this has been possible because of the quality education I received at St. Michael’s. I was prepared academically, but most importantly, I was prepared spiritually. I have been able to embrace my faith fully, as well as have the strength and courage to defend my beliefs due to the Catholic formation I received in high school. St. Michael’s is creating an army of Warriors every year, and I am so thankful to be one of them. Katie Brown is a senior at Belmont Abbey College. She is majoring in English with minors in Criminal Justice and Christianity and Culture. She is the senior editor of The Crusader Newspaper and hopes to continue in editing after graduation in the spring. 22 Celebrate Life Magazine | WINTER 2018

BEHIND THE SCENES AT AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE Inside the Planned Parenthood Facilities Report By Rob Gasper, ALL’s senior research analyst When well-laid plans go up in smoke! By Mary Flores, outreach coordinator for ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program I was wrong to think it was going to be an ordinary Thursday. There was a guest coming to visit the offices at American Life League and I volunteered to fetch her from the airport and bring her to the hotel. Since our guest was early, I called the hotel to see if we could do an early check-in or if that would be a problem. “Well, it might be a problem,” the clerk told me. “We’ve been evacuated from our building.” He didn’t offer an explanation as to the evacuation problem. Puzzled, I rushed to book a room at another hotel before driving to the airport for our guest. At check-in, the clerks at the new hotel told me that there had been a fire at the other hotel on the previous day, which is why they were still evacuated from the building. I was shocked. I hadn’t received any calls or any other notifications from the original hotel that we had booked—probably because their system was down from the fire. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had shown up with our guest at the hotel only to find out that the hotel had been on fire and that there was no room for our guest! Thankfully, no one was hurt and our guest enjoyed her visit safely. God certainly takes care of the AmericanLife League family! Late fall is the time for bears and other animals to slip quietly into their caves and hibernate until spring. Late fall also signals that it is time once again to compile the data for ALL’s Planned Parenthood Facility Report, and I must hole up in my office for several weeks of methodical research. Just as one should not mess with a hibernating bear, one should also not disturb holed-up ALL researchers. ALL staff was very well-behaved this year and no injuries were reported. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood did not get the memo and decided to “update” its website into a more “user-friendly” experience. Thankfully, after a few extra hours of annoyance, everything began to fall into place. We are happy to report that Planned Parenthood is down to under 600 facilities! This is a far cry from the nearly 1,000 facilities Planned Parenthood had in the 1990s. Research for the facilities report is slow and painstaking work, but it is absolutely worth it to be able to report the results of the great work we are accomplishing with your help and support! The pressures of writing By Jim Sedlak, ALL’s executive director and founder of STOPP A great deal of what we do at American Life League is research and writing. There are pressures to make sure our facts are correct and what we write is understandable to our audience. Then, of course, there is the time pressure of making sure all our articles, blog posts, and newsletters are done on time. To be sure we get this done on time, we have in-house editors. The editor’s job, in part, is to keep us all in line. The editor of Celebrate Life Magazine is particularly good at his job. We just LOVE him! WINTER 2018 | Celebrate Life Magazine 23

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