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Celebrate Life Magazine - Winter 2018

The winter 2018 issue of Celebrate Life Magazine contains "The end of neutrality" by Terrell Clemmons, "Pro-life essay winners," "Humane Vitae's golden anniversary" by Janet E. Smith, PhD, "Priceless value the world does not see" by Lori Hatcher, and "Seven suggestions for recognizing the personhood of the preborn" by Evelyn French

Educational products for

Educational products for grades K–12 “The progression of the four units makes great sense. I like that you include biblical references and a saint. Games and activities are age-appropriate and contentspecific. Letters to parents are informative so that we can educate the entire family.” — Anne Brahier, M.Ed., Teacher at Saint Rose Catholic School, Perrysburg, Ohio “My Grade 8 students were immediately drawn to this lesson and the content. Young people are always happy to see babies, and this resource taps into their instinct to protect our defenseless brothers and sisters in the womb! Love the website at CLSP! I am continually finding new lessons to share and recommend. Thank God for CLSP and ALL!” — Rosemary Circo, Teacher at Saint Bruno Catholic School, Whittier, California “So glad to have something to combat what public schools have taught. Excellent resource for all families, not just homeschooling. Thanks!” — Theresa, customer review ON SALE $ 9 each DOWNLOAD Two great lessons about the culture of life for junior high school students! Defend Life: The Beauty of the Developing Human Being explores the science of the earliest moments of a person’s life and gives students a firm foundation regarding the fact that every human being’s life must be protected from creation until death. Defend Life: Marriage and Family teaches students that God created marriage between one man and one woman. Through the lives of saints and saintly couples, students learn how they can stand up and defend marriage and the family in our society. Find more lessons available for instant download at TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE AT OR CALL 540-659-4171. Many of our studies carry the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. Check for a current list.

CULTURE OF LIFE STUDIES PROGRAM “According to Your Heart” Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke By William Mahoney, PhD This past summer, Cardinal Raymond Burke hosted the Fatima Centennial Summit: Heavenly Solution to Our Modern Day Crisis in Dallas and Irving, Texas. The event included many insights into the message of Fatima from popular authors and speakers such as Thomas McKenna, Fr. John Trigilio, John-Henry Westen, and Karl Keating. The event ended with a dinner and keynote address from Cardinal Burke. President of American Life League and founder of the organization’s Culture of Life Studies Program, Judie Brown, attended the summit and noted that the event “was replete with spiritual motivation, food for the soul, and blessings for everyone who attended.” 1 “As we reflected on Our Lady of Fatima’s message to the three children in 1917,” she continues, “we also reflected on the five Fatima prayers, one of which we prayed together as a group before each speaker took the podium. In addition, we prayed the rosary with Cardinal Burke, whose very presence there reminded us of the meaning of true devotion to prayer and action and the importance of taking the Lord’s loving message to a world in need of truth and justice.” A champion of faith Cardinal Burke fights valiantly for the Catholic faith and the salvation of souls. As a result, radicals within the visible Church, and the world for that matter, have targeted him with their criticism and contempt. Cardinal Burke has been criticized by these radicals since at least 2004 when he clarified publicly—per his duty as Archbishop of Denver at the time—that he would not give Holy Communion to John Kerry, a self-identifying Catholic who was then the Democratic presidential candidate. 2 In September 2016, Cardinal Burke became the target for criticism again in the wake of confusion surrounding Amoris Laetitia. He and three other cardinals sent dubia (formal questions) to Pope Francis asking for clarity on Paragraphs 300–500. The first question was a practical one regarding Catholics who are civilly divorced and remarried while the remaining four regarded core points of the Christian life. 3 In September 2017, Cardinal Burke did an exclusive interview with CatholicOutlook regarding bringing the dubia to a resolution, as a year has passed without a clear response from the pope. In the interview, Cardinal Burke responded as a lover of souls and pastor of the Catholic Church, stating: “The urgency of a response to the dubia derives from the harm done to souls by the confusion and error, which result, as long as the fundamental questions raised are not answered in accord with the constant teaching and practice of the Church. The urgency weighs very heavily on my heart.” 4 WINTER 2018 | Celebrate Life Magazine 27

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