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Celebrate Life Magazine - Winter 2018

The winter 2018 issue of Celebrate Life Magazine contains "The end of neutrality" by Terrell Clemmons, "Pro-life essay winners," "Humane Vitae's golden anniversary" by Janet E. Smith, PhD, "Priceless value the world does not see" by Lori Hatcher, and "Seven suggestions for recognizing the personhood of the preborn" by Evelyn French

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Educational products for grades K–12 The Life Is Precious curriculum has been uniquely crafted with special attention to the learning and developmental needs of young children. Complete with a parent guide, DVD and 12-week fetal model, this is a comprehensive “out of the box” solution to helping your child truly know the dignity of every human life. — Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of and author of The Grace of Yes $ ON SALE 24 95 PLUS SHIPPING & HANDLING PARENT-LED This grade K–2 unit study is available as both a parent-led study (for use in a homeschool setting) or a classroom study (for use in school, religious education, or other group settings). Both supplements illustrate the basic facts of a preborn baby’s development from creation until birth using scientifically accurate yet kid-friendly coloring pages and crafts. They are designed to help you lay a solid pro-life foundation in your students. CLASSROOM Also included! Find more elementary school lessons available for instant download at The Life Is Precious unit study is an answer to the question many parents of faith find themselves asking in this current culture. What can I do to help my young children embrace a culture of life? This study teaches—in an ageappropriate way—the dignity of every human life beginning at conception. It is an incredible asset to parents in teaching the beauty and dignity of life at every stage. — Mary Haseltine, It is such a sweet program for younger grades, with just enough crafty activities to make me feel like I covered art for the week . . . But the thing that touched me the most was how much the older kids insisted on participating. And it’s not just a homeschool thing. Lessons are short and sweet, and would be a great enrichment activity for all families. — Cari Donaldson, author of Pope Awesome and Other Stories, TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE AT OR CALL 540-659-4171. Many of our studies carry the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. Check for a current list.

THE END OF NEUTRALITY Gosnell— America’s moral moment By Terrell Clemmons Phelim McAleer had seen a lot of disturbing things as an investigative journalist. But sitting in the Philadelphia courtroom as abortionist Kermit Gosnell stood trial for multiple counts of murder, he didn’t know which was worse: the evidence being presented, which included the most horrific testimony and photos he’d ever seen, or the fact that the press gallery sat completely empty. Where were all the journalists who should be covering this story? He decided right away that the Gosnell case would become the subject of his next film. At first, his partner and wife, Ann McElhinny, wanted nothing to do with it. She and Phelim had always considered themselves neutral on abortion, and besides, this was way too controversial. But after reading the court transcripts, she agreed with her husband. She and Phelim had a history of covering stories that mainstream journalism was misreporting (or in this case, ignoring), and here indeed was information of significant public interest. It was beyond shameful that no one was covering it. The nightmare next door Thorough investigators and researchers, Phelim and Ann pored over documents and interviewed people with all manner of connections to the case. It was a story that got more disturbing with each new discovery. As it turned out, not only had Phelim and Ann discovered the case by accident—the only reason they’d learned of it was because the perennially curious Phelim had a habit of checking out court cases on his days off—but the monstrous conditions and practices of the abortion “House of Horrors,” as Gosnell’s clinic came to be known, had also been discovered by accident. Kermit Gosnell had been the subject of an illegal prescription drug racketing investigation, which had precipitated a narcotics raid in early 2010. But when officials arrived, they were utterly unprepared for what they encountered: moans from semi-conscious patients lying about the place, none of whom were hooked up to any kind of monitoring device; blood, urine, trash, and cat hair on everything, including the medical equipment; and most disturbing of all, bloody collections stored throughout that turned out to be exactly what they looked like—tiny fetal remains, feet mostly, stuffed in some places into used water jugs, milk jugs, cat food containers, or juice bottles. How does one even process such an infernal seat of horror upon horror, let alone cover it as a journalist? Ultimately, Ann decided to write a book in addition to the film, because there were aspects of the case that wouldn’t end up in the film, but that should be recorded. The result is a book entitled Gosnell, The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer (2017), a page-turning investigative account of the case, which must be read to be believed. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does, as Ann exposes failure after appalling failure, unflinchingly naming names of officials whose responsibility it was to ensure standards, but who ignored clear warning signs, looked the other way, or willfully ignored the law. WINTER 2018 | Celebrate Life Magazine 7

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