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TEST This is a very

TEST This is a very capable camera with good image quality and mid-range sensitivity (continued from p12) it is useful to evaluate how well the focus will set for all lighting conditions but of course can be manually set if necessary. While the stream settings included an option for ROI (Region Of Interest) no detailed information was provided as to how this should be implemented but drawing a box within the image for either high resolution stream gave full resolution imaging within this box and a much reduced level of detail in all surrounding areas with a 1 to 5 level of detail reduction being selectable. Video Motion Detection is based on a 22H x 18V grid with 7 sensitivity levels. The Privacy Zone function worked well but there was no mention of the maximum zones that could be added and in practice this was found to be limited to four. The PTZ window was included for this function and not greyed out, so could be used as an alternative method to zoom and focus the lens. Performance With the original settings, the image was found to be quite ‘blocky’ and relatively noisy where there was a reasonable amount of movement in the scene. Increasing the default variable bit rate maximum from 2Mb/s to 5Mb/s and raising the Quality setting from 6 to its maximum of 9 produced good results with a high level of image detail and good colour rendition. Sensitivity was good for a 4MP image sensor with the 4 IR LEDs beneath the lens providing reasonably good night illumination but only to around 25 metres with default settings. Switching the Smart IR function off and raising the output from 50% to 100% gave good results beyond the stated 35 metres range. It was apparent from the night testing that it is important to carefully check focus if any camera is being used in such low light conditions as the one-shot auto-focus was unable PRODUCT ASSESSMENT RESULT Does it perform as expected and intuitively? 7 Were all necessary accessories provided? 10 Are manuals and guides clear and easily available? 6 Is the specification detail accurate? 8 Can the product be used without specialist training? 7.5 Are security industry conventions followed? 7.5 Is the product compatible with industry norms? 8 Is there a novel or unique feature? 7 If known, is the price point favourable /reasonable? 10 Is detailed technical information available? 6 Total score 77 Averaged score 7.7 TEST SCORE (marks out of ten) 7.5 to adequately optimise the scene. The default settings would probably suffice for the majority of shorter range applications and would help prevent close subject flaring and extend the life of the IR LEDs. The sensitivity is stated as being 0.05 Lux colour but as is now common from all suppliers no supporting information for such a figure is given. In practice the camera performed well with good colour images being achieved down to less than 1 Lux when set to its default 1/20th second shutter speed with negligible motion blur and still an acceptable colour image albeit with noise when set to 1/50th second. In normal operation, the camera would be expected to switch over to IR supported monochrome mode before this light level is reached. Switchover is controlled by a front mounted light sensor and very flexible Day to Night and Night to Day transition controls with variable delay to allow the switching point to be accurately set. Two covers are found beneath the camera; the first protects sealed Focus and Zoom adjustment holes that would have been used on a previous model and the second gives access to the MicroSD card slot, a factory reset button and the 2-pole test CVBS video output connector. The supplied User manual still refers to manual zoom and focus adjustments even though this model has remote adjustment only, only a reference to motorised options being available is given. The test video output shows an SD image of most of the sensor area and is perfectly adequate for camera positioning. The IP address is shown in white text centred at the bottom of the screen but is quite small, so may be difficult to discern on a small test monitor. The manual also suggests pressing the reset button to return the camera to its default IP address of if a DHCP address has been allocated by the router however it was found in practice that DHCP was the factory default setting so the camera would continue to use a router allocated address until this option was turned off. Audio input and output leads are provided but there is no external alarm input or output capability. A corridor (9:16) mode is supported through the ‘Scene’ option but is called ‘Aisle’. Conclusion This is a very capable camera with good image quality and mid-range sensitivity. It is currently let down by its documentation which should not be too difficult to address. It is clearly worth spending time familiarising yourself with all of the available features so that the camera’s performance can be optimised for the intended scene to be viewed. 14

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