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EDITOR’S CHOICE Second generation network video recorder announced Analogue cameras integrated into open VMS platform As a result of working with Milestone to achieve optimal interaction between disparate manufacturers’ devices, Hikvision’s Full HD analogue encoder DS-6700HQHI-SATA series can now be fully integrated into Milestone’s XProtect open platform networked VMS. While the Hikvision encoder supports HDTVI signal input, this means that Hikvision’s entire Turbo HD range of cameras can be supported to provide an integrated Milestone controlled Hikvision based system. Hikvision’s Turbo HD Analogue Solution enables existing coaxial-cable based CCTV systems to be simply upgraded to high-definition surveillance. Alongside the news of Milestone XProtect Device Pack 8.9 support, Hikvision is introducing the expanded Turbo HD family, which will feature a range of analogue cameras at 5MP resolution, longer transmission distances and increased signal capacity. App for simplifying and speeding up installations Tyco Security Products has introduced Kantech EntraPass Go Install, a free mobile app that uses QR codes, pre-populated fields and a simplified commissioning process to help decrease installation time. The app works with other security devices, such as cameras managed by exacqVision, zones managed by DSC PowerSeries Neo intrusion panels and Kantech card readers. Kantech EntraPass Go Install allows system integrators and end users to connect to their Kantech EntraPass servers by selecting from a list of existing servers or adding one manually to configure Kantech KT-1 and KT-400 door controllers. Configuration is done by scanning a QR code that contains the controller’s MAC address and serial number, enabling remote configuration of controllers as well as doors without a desktop computer. FLIR Systems has announced the second generation of the FLIR Meridian Network Video Recorder (NVR) aimed at small and medium business users. An all-in-one video surveillance recording system, the second generation product adds a built-in 8-port PoE switch and dual monitor display functionality. The NVR’s new PoE switch and external 8- port PoE switch options allows the connection of up to 24 cameras. With new dual monitor support, users can control multiple cameras, browse through recorded footage, and generate detailed reports using FLIR’s built-in United VMS Control Center, or the modernised EZ Client web interface, which is optimised for touch screen monitors. The NVR comes pre-configured with FLIR’s Video Management Software (VMS), supports FLIR’s enterprise visible and thermal security cameras, third-party access control systems, and video analytics. New browser-based VMS is launched Vicon has released its new video management software, the browser-based Vicon Valerus. Built on open standards in order to optimise interoperability, the software offers thin client architecture and central licensing and supports conventional network systems and is ready for the expanding world of cloud computing. Valerus is available for download with a 30- day free trial. Upcoming software updates are free to ensure that in the future, the software is compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems. Upgrades are only necessary to unlock new features. 18

EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at some of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month. Push buttons evolving with changes for 2017 The indoor and outdoor push buttons within the StopperSwitch series from Safety Technology International have undergone some changes for 2017. The low/high voltage push buttons can fit any standard UK-type switch socket box and, says the company, are quick and easy to install. There are three types available; key-to-reset, momentary and pneumatic. Indoor models are supplied as a dual mount, designed to fit either flush or surface onsite installations. Outdoor models are supplied with a weatherproof back box. Further options have been introduced which now include a ‘Standard Function Marking’ label sheet with twelve prevalent operating labels for a variety of uses, ready for self-assembly. Custom label is also available upon request. The option to change the button colour to the housing broadens the variety of applications. For example, a white housing with a green button has been designed as a ‘Press to Exit’ button. Ideal for upgrading CCTV Videcon has launched the Concept Pro VXHAHDM DVR, an addition to the AHD recording range. Available in four, eight and sixteen channel options, the VXHAHDM offers real time recording and playback of 1080p video over coax from high definition analogue cameras. Compatible with all traditional analogue cameras, a Concept Pro AHD system is ideal for upgrading legacy CCTV systems to HD by utilising the same coax infrastructure, reducing install times and allowing installers to offer incremental HD updates for each camera on site. Built on the Concept Pro platform, the VXHAHDM offers the same setup experience, functionality and benefits as the rest of the current AHD and IP recording line-up. Without a selection of the more specialist features only needed in the most high-end of applications, the VXHAHDM allows installers to be as competitive as possible when quoting for business of all sizes. The VXHAHDM is remote monitoring enabled and can connect to any monitoring station using Immix or Sentinel software platforms. Upgrade and rebrand for building intelligence system Paxton has introduced improvements to the user experience as part of its latest software release for its integrated building intelligence system. The software update includes a new user interface and some features to improve the navigation, making it simple and more intuitive for installers and their customers. This increased functionality also coincides with a rebrand of the system from net10 to Paxton10. First launched in the UK in early 2016, Paxton10 came onto the market under the name net10. However, with the company’s increased global presence a rebrand to Paxton10 ensures the system is easily recognisable as a Paxton product in every market. The new features included in the software update include: - System health information – offline devices can be identified on the homepage - System activity – access events can previewed over the last week in a simple table - Access levels – give users more than one access level and add software and building permissions to a user’s record Users will notice that once the software update is complete the net10 URL will auto replace to Paxton10 thereafter and the net10 URL will no longer be valid. NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers 19

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