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BENCHMARK Smart Solutions BENCHMARK Innovative and smart solutions can add value and benefits to modern systems for customers. With the technological landscape rapidly evolving, the Benchmark Smart Solutions project assesses the potential on offer from system integration, advanced connectivity and intelligent technology. Bringing together field trials and assessments, proof of concept and real-world experience of implementing smart solutions, it represents an essential resource for all involved in innovative system design. Launching in 2017, Benchmark Smart Solutions will be the industry’s only real-world resource for security professionals who are intent on offering added value through the delivery of smarter solutions. @Benchmark_Smart Partner Companies

NEWS EXTRA Completing the jigsaw puzzle In mid-January, Veracity announced the full acquisition of icomply, the software provider of integrated command and control security solutions. Here we find out more about the deal and what it might mean for customers of both companies he agreement includes all operational staff, Tsoftware, intellectual property, ongoing business and also icomply’s sales and support subsidiary in India. Veracity will maintain icomply as a separate business and will immediately expand its operations including an imminent move to larger premises near Leeds. Over the last fifteen years, icomply and its VTAS Pro platform has delivered integrated solutions to an expanding portfolio of clients. The modular software solution supports a range of access control, CCTV, fire, alarm and other security equipment vendors, including Veracity, Bosch, Honeywell, Paxton, Axis, Hanwha Techwin and Milestone. Alastair McLeod, Group CEO of Veracity said: “With this acquisition, we extend our technical capability and broaden our target market. We will progress the icomply concept to the next level while maintaining an independent and multi-vendor approach which is at the core of its unique value.” Michael Gallagher will remain in charge of icomply business development and also be responsible for running sales, support and operations for the business. He is delighted with the acquisition by Veracity, stating: "The icomply team are immensely pleased with the acquisition, as this will enable icomply to accelerate both its sales and software development plans with the support and backing of Veracity.'' Veracity has made a long term commitment to expanding the icomply framework to include a wider range of vendors and technologies as well as enabling channel partners to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions. Veracity will also utilise its technologies within VTAS Pro including its Coldstore Surveillance Storage System and Trinity, a system architecture that eliminates NVR servers by allowing IP cameras to record directly to Coldstore disk arrays. Alastair McLeod said: “icomply is a natural fit for us and enables us to expand our strategy of delivering high-end security solutions at a lower total cost of ownership while helping system integrators and consultants offer better value to their customers.” VTAS Pro will be sold through existing icomply channels in the UK and India and through Veracity channel partners elsewhere with the full support of the Veracity Group. PSI caught up with Alastair McLeod to discuss the acquisition in more detail: When did you decide icomply would be a good company to acquire? We probably decided a few years ago to be honest after we had worked with them at the time we first launched our Coldstore system. At that point I felt that their software needed a little work but this was seven or eight years ago and since then we have worked with them on a host of projects including the Leeds City Centre project when the customer had specified an icomply front end and a Veracity storage solution. Back then we partnered with a number of companies that delivered front-end solutions, but we always felt that we should have full control of our destiny. A couple of years ago we realised that icomply had the best all-round product but that they were also undercapitalised and that can be real difficulty when you deal with large projects that come along at unpredictable times, meaning that cashflow is tricky to manage. So it was a few years before we were ready to make an approach, but when we did we had very amicable negotiations and acquisition. So there is a good fit between Veracity and icomply? There is a very good synergy between the two companies. The products fit together like we're completing part of a jigsaw puzzle and we saw terrific potential with icomply if it could be better funded. We had previously worked with all departments within the company, but we (continued over) Alastair McLeod “There is a very good synergy between the two companies. The products fit together like we're completing part of a jigsaw puzzle and we saw terrific potential” 35

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