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APPLICATION Fire system installed at flagship bank brach Fire and suppression systems from Advanced have been chosen to protect the flagship branch of DSK, a Bulgarian bank. Following a recent refurbishment and upgrade of the branch in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, FireTech Engineering specified a new system that included Advanced’s Axis EN (EN54) fire system, three ExGo suppression control panels and an IP Gateway, for remote internet control and monitoring. Stoyan Grozdanov, spokesperson for FireTech Engineering Ltd, said: “Due to the importance of this particular branch, we needed a high level of protection and reliability, with assurance against false alarms and an intuitive interface for programming and monitoring.” Axis EN is EN54 2,4&13 approved and its panels can be used in single loop, single panel format or configured into multi-loop panels in 200 node networks. Axis EN fire systems support two new technologies, the TouchControl touch screen repeater and AlarmCalm complete false alarm management system. TouchControl is a 10” HD touchscreen that offers reporting and control via an interface that includes Active Maps and zone plans. AlarmCalm allows the false alarm strategy for any building to be quickly and easily programmed and managed, increasing safety and reducing false alarms. Lively venue stops alarms despite allowing vaping The Frog & Frigate in Southampton is renowned for being a very lively venue where visitors are encouraged to get on the tables and sing along with the band. Vaping is permitted in this busy venue which has led to false alarm issues. Venue owner Derek Gardener explains the problem: “We have a relaxed, fun vibe here and are happy for people to use e-cigarettes inside. However, it has led to the alarms activating, especially when people are vaping right underneath them. We can’t stop people from vaping underneath them and equally we didn’t want to ban vaping.” Derek turned to Fire and Safety Testing for a solution, which recommended the use of Nittan’s Evolution EV-DP smoke detectors. Owner Derek Fay explains: “Many venues such as this resort to using heat alarms instead of smoke alarms, but the local fire officer would not allow this. He suggested a Multi-Sensor, but the same issue remains as it still looks for smoke and will false alarm. I had read about Nittan’s dual optical detectors resistance to steam and thought they might offer a solution here as the problem was very similar. Vaping is relatively new and neither myself nor Nittan had come across this issue before. I discussed it with the client and he was happy to see if it would work. We swapped the existing alarm devices out of the conventional system with the Nittan ones and there hasn’t been a single false alarm since; that was about six months ago.” The EV-DP measures the actual particle size in the chamber via its combined IR and blue LED technology. As steam and dust are much larger particles than smoke, the detector won’t false alarm. 48

FOCUS: BIOMETRICS Biometric access control without network duplication The P4 Controller from Progeny distributes the fingerprint templates throughout the system, across all connected sites and for improved data security, actual fingerprints are not stored – the Reader converts the fingerprint to a template (similar to a card number), so users' fingerprints cannot be stolen. The templates are then stored on the reader, in the controller and in the doors’ enterprise software – to prevent access by tampering with or removing the reader. This is also a useful backup if the controller or reader ever need replacing. The fingerprint reader uses a four wire interface to the P4 Controller and fits a standard UK single gang back box. It has intuitive light and sound feedback and a choice of three enrolments methods. No need for a fob or PIN The B100 biometric standalone access control reader from Videx is aimed at residential, commercial and public buildings. Ideal for small offices, nurseries, schools and private residential dwellings, the readers are designed to provide access control by using biometric technology which relies on a person’s unique characteristics, in this instance their finger print, rather than the requirement to carry a fob or remember a PIN number. The reader is available in two versions: The B100-SA is a surface mount version for up to 97 users. It can be used internally or externally having an IP rating IP65. The DINB100-SA is flush mount and can only be used internally having an IP40 rating. This fits a standard flush single gang UK electrical box and is available in six colours to match existing decor. All enrolling of users is carried out from the reader, no PC is required. Connections Hello again, There are lots of good deals to be had @SMSandNMS at the moment. By using our upgrade campaigns, many of which cost the installer nothing, it provides for a foot in the door to upgrade to sequential confirmation whilst making a larger margin on the remote signalling costs and enabling remote service and diagnostics at the same time. On top of any network supplier offers we supplement with our own special deals, which are tailored based on the preferred offering the installer wishes to take up. With the existing estate of systems on our database we can undertake sales and marketing activity on behalf of the alarm companies on their headed paper, delivering their message to their customers, sometimes this is done in conjunction with the network provider as well. The more systems that are upgraded to sequential confirmation, the more filtering that takes place and the fewer false alarms are presented to our operators and passed to the emergency services. So far as what network the alarm signals over, it makes not a great deal of difference to us. By configuring the alarm system to a CCTV system installed in a commercial premises and then remotely viewing CCTV images for the purposes of confirmation enables the consumer to also remotely view their own staff from Head Office, whilst providing a store watch type system protecting their employees from abusive behaviour, physical threat and opportunists. Visual confirmation whether for Personal attack, or more generally for Intruder Alarms in commercial installations has more recently become very popular as the customer leverages savings on their signalling platform. We now see domestic installations deploying such integrated CCTV technology into their mainstream sale activities by using Smart Home panels, the new PIR being a motion sensing webcam with voice over IP into the premises and linking to other non-security products such as wifi doorbells, thermostats etc with the same App that integrates into the Smart Home panel. The flexibility of having the correct signalling platform installed at the customer’s premises opens up a wealth of opportunities for other security related products and nonrelated security services over and above the standard intruder alarm. Just think how you run your own business nowadays and the technology you use in your commercial and private life Both your existing and new customers alike can enjoy major savings and additional services including dual-path signalling and visually confirmed alarms by upgrading their systems to the latest signalling platforms. Contact us online at for full details of all the exciting offers we have currently. Bye for now

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