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Less is more Actual size

Less is more Actual size The smallest wireless contact we’ve ever made Discover the new ‘vanishing’ wireless contact from Texecom. So small it can be concealed within most uPVC window frames, the Micro Contact-W provides unobtrusive, discreet security. Install using a single button, protect windows doors and valuable assets with Ricochet® Mesh Technology, the world’s most robust wireless security technology. Texecom products are designed and manufactured in the UK

Don’t just stop at the front door The Micro Contact-W can be used to protect almost anything, including doors, windows, drawers and cupboards - the list is endless! EDITORIAL Window frame Office drawer Front door Window frame Patio door Drinks cupboard Velux window Fridge door The great debate This month’s PSI Panel feature appears to have split opinion with our experts agreeing to disagree on the notion of installer licensing As readers of this esteemed tome will know, the Panel debate articles we carry every month can show a diversity of opinion when it comes to issues of the industry. Over the years we’ve covered a lot of ground from myths, tips, Brexit, new Prime Ministers, IoT security and much more, however this month we have a question that has divided opinion. Over the time that we have been running the Panel feature the subject of licensing for installers has cropped up in more than a few answers we’ve received from the industry insiders, so I thought that this month we should address the question head-on. Does the industry need, or would it benefit from, installers being licenced with only these individuals being allowed to work on contracts for the benefit of all? A straightforward enough question that follows the path well-trodden by the manned guarding sector around ten years ago. At that time the guarding sector felt that there were a number of threats facing the industry, most notably from ‘cowboy’ companies driving down the margins of the business; all just to get the contract - then not carrying out the work properly with untrained officers etc. The idea was to take out the dodgy companies at a stroke, raise the standards of professionalism in the sector and make guarding a positive vocation for potential employees to look at. To all intents and purposes this has happened, although the margins are still low (as everyone knows, once you drop your prices they can never go back up) but the government run SIA licensing scheme seems to have improved the image of the sector no end. In the security installation industry there is also a need to keep standards high, especially as the equipment being fitted is there to protect and detect, so lives could be at stake. Nobody would want a system, especially a fire system, to be installed by someone who was no more than an electrician with a basic understanding of what the system should do. Also, since the dramatic rise of IP technology the number of IT installers now looking at security work has grown. Therefore you can see where licensing for installers would fit in, however, there are also reasons why another layer of red tape, with a hefty slice of paperwork and prices, might be a step too far for installers. After all, we already have very well established and respected third party accreditation schemes in the UK so why ask for another level to be added to the mix? This month’s Panel debate will hopefully generate a lot more dialogue within the industry as to whether such a scheme is needed or even viable. Quite clearly if such an initiative were to be set in stone anytime soon there would be a number of high profile opponents. Sales: +44 (0)1706 220460 Andy Clutton EDITOR 5

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