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EDITOR’S CHOICE Next generation display card reader launched Stanley Product & Technology has announced the introduction of the display card reader PACOM 8707 initially available in the Nordics with a roll out to other countries and regions in due course. The PACOM 8707 supports all generations of the MIFARE protocol radio frequency identification (RFID) based cards and the Wiegand over the air protocol. In order to provide an enhanced level of protection against hackers, PACOM 8707 also supports the latest version of the SIA’s Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). The use of OSDP also allows means the card reader can safely interface with control panels or other security management systems. Programming cards or manual card reader programming devices are not required, as the downloading of encryption keys is carried out from PACOM Unison software, which then configures the card reader along with the rest of the security system. Alternatively, it can be locally configured through the OLED display when installed by an onsite systems integrator. Panoramic camera featuring four full-HD sensors Flir Systems has introduced the Quasar 4x2K panoramic camera featuring four full-high-definition visible sensors. The latest security camera in the FLIR Quasar family, the 4x2K produces 4K resolution. The mini-dome camera offers wide area surveillance to monitor cities, critical infrastructure, and other high-profile security areas. Offering interchangeable field-of-view options of 180- and 360-degrees, the Quasar 4x2K can replace multiple individual cameras, allowing security operators to reduce the number of security cameras required for monitoring wide areas. With automatic stitching that combines the four sensors into a 180- degree view, the camera generates a detailed, seamless image that eliminates blind spots and scene duplication. Built-in infrared illumination automatically adjusts to the 180- or 360-degree viewing mode and monitors without the need to illuminate the scene. The Quasar 4x2K integrates with FLIR’s video management systems (VMS) and major third-party VMS. Using a one-step configuration process the Quasar 4x2K adjusts to either 180- or 360- degree viewing mode. With an IP67 rated dome enclosure to withstand mist, rain, and accidental submersion, the unit provides 24/7 video surveillance either in- or outdoors. New VMS brand claims easy set up and use The new Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS) from Hanwha Techwin reportedly makes it easy to display up to 64 HD video streams. An intuitive ‘drag & drop’ tool enables operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes. Other key features include a virtual PTZ which enables operators to zoom in to see close up detail of any suspicious activity, whilst motion detection and video analytics support can be configured to generate alerts when user defined incidents occur. Mobile app for configuration of door controllers C•CURE Go Install allows you to quickly and easily communicate directly with iSTAR Ultra LT door controllers, configure the network settings and troubleshoot a variety of known issues. Installers can select from a list of existing iSTAR Ultra LT controllers and quickly configure each controller in a few simple steps. The app will connect to the network through Bluetooth and detect all iSTAR Ultra LT door controllers in the local vicinity. Once you select the appropriate iSTAR Ultra LT, you are given several options: Configuration, Live Output, Device Status, Reboot and Bootup Log. The Configuration option allows you to add or change the IP address and a host IP address, and a variety of other system parameters. Device Status provides you with system information such as controller name, firmware version, CPU usage, RAM available, and more. 18

EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at some of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month. Smart locks for convenience and safety in one unit Dahua Technology has released a new series of smart locks, the Bluetooth series and Bluetooth and wireless 433 series. The smart lock combines a mechanical lock case with an electronic motor hiding in the panel. Locks with 8mm-square-bar lock bodies can be upgraded to Dahua smart locks without dismantling their original lock bodies by installing the new lock inners and outer panels. Dahua smart locks come in two colors: silver and black. The locks boast Grade B cylinders with a pick-resistant lock body make them hard to pick open and the metal part of Dahua smart locks supports IK08 protection level. The units are availiable in four variants: key, card, password and Bluetooth. Bluetooth &Wireless 433 series products support a fifth way of unlocking – remote unlock. When paired with VTO2111D-WP (433) outdoor Wi- Fi station, doors can be opened remotely via the DMSS app in a smartphone. Switches expand a network from 1Gb to 10Gb As heavy-data applications such as video put pressure on networks, AMG Systems has launched a means of strengthening connectivity. AMG’s Commercial Layer 2+ 10Gb Managed Ethernet switch series brings the benefits of 10Gb Ethernet to any business. “All business sectors are seeing a growing demand for bandwidth to support high-end applications, including the recording and streaming of high-resolution video data, such as in surveillance systems,” says AMG Sales and Technical Support Manager Ian Creary. “But thankfully 10-Gigabit solutions are no longer a platform that only the largest enterprises can afford. The increasing adoption of 10Gb copper and fibre NIC adapters by servers, storage vendors and others has made the price of a 10Gb solution more attractive than ever before.” The products in AMG’s Managed Ethernet switch range have 8, 24 or 48 gigabit ports, with or without Power over Ethernet support, and 1/10Gb SFP+ uplink ports providing a solution for expanding a network from 1Gb to 10Gb. Cloud-based alarm system combines security with smart living ERA has launched the HomeGuard Pro cloud-based alarm system aimed at the professional installer. The use of the Cloud reportedly takes away constraints that a localised alarm system brings, with the immediate benefit being no control panel, just a hub. There is no complicated set up, as this is all done via smartphone app and should the panel be damaged, all settings and data is stored in the cloud. Installers need only get another hub and the system is up and running again. The Cloud also enables the monitoring of multiple hubs from one account, meaning quick-flip viewing of different locations can be carried out. This is possible as it’s no longer the app talking to the panel via SMS or GPRS, it’s the app talking to the Cloud which can hold the data from multiple hubs and report back to you fluidly on them all. In the event of an intrusion, HomeGuard Pro will simultaneously alert all stored contacts and provide real time data. NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers 19

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