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REVIEWS CCTV – TRIED & TESTED An overview of some of the products we have featured in PSI independent test reports. This month we highlight recent CCTV reviews; products are listed in no particular order. As always, manufacturers and distributors have no input in the test reports or results Serage – SRTVIVDPRO70 Available in the UK via G-Tec, the camera provides a TVI compatible HD output along with an SD output and has motorised lens functions. Three high intensity infrared LEDs are mounted on each side of the lens to provide long range scene illumination. The camera has an ingress protection rating of IP68 and is stated as ‘Vandal proof’. Review: A very capable camera but somewhat let down by its documentation that could do with improved translation and an expansion of details. The range of image settings should allow the camera to suit a wide variety of applications. Ivideon – Oco Pro OPHWD-16US Ivideon provides a ‘Cloud’ based service which the Oco Pro camera works with to allow live and recorded images to be displayed on PC using Mac OS, Windows or Linux and phone or tablet devices using iOS and Android. The company partners with a number of camera suppliers and the Oco Pro camera dome tested was based on a Hikvision model. Review: From a security perspective, it is not clear what advantage this system brings apart from the ability to have someone host your event recordings off site. This of course requires very good connection bandwidth and while manageable for individual cameras, may not scale well. Concept Pro – AIR3526-IP4M-Z This camera is promoted as an ONVIF compliant 4MP 2.8 - 12mm motorized zoom lens weatherproof bullet camera with 35m IR range, suitable for short to medium range applications. It is the in-house brand from the distributor Videcon. The camera housing is IP66 rated and therefore is suitable for internal and external use. Review: This is a very capable camera with good image quality and midrange sensitivity. It is clearly worth spending time familiarising yourself with all of the available features so that the camera’s performance can be optimised for the intended scene to be viewed. Vista VK2-5MP360INT This unit is promoted as a 5MP 360° “Fisheye” dome camera for internal use allowing a single camera to cover a whole room from the centre without blind-spots. The camera is installed using PoE and having such a wide viewing angle should need no physical adjustment. All settings can then be undertaken from the control position or remotely if a suitable connection is available. Review: An easy to install and configure 360-degree viewing camera that should be used with a compatible video management system to gain full benefit of the feature set. 42

SMOKE DETECTION Hikvision – DS-2CD4A26FWD This camera is a high-end outdoor bullet camera identified as part of Hikvision’s DarkFighter range. The camera offers very high sensitivity and 1920 x 1080p HD performance with pre-installed firmware to provide video analytic functions. These can be selected from options including Audio Exception, Defocus, Scene Change, Face, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Unattended Baggage and Object Removal Detection. Review: The wide range of detection methods mean that this camera can fulfil the majority of current security video tasks. Its built-in Infrared illuminator range and high sensitivity provide very good image quality even in challenging conditions. Milesight – MS-C3772-FPB Featuring a hinged clam-shell design this is a 3MP indoor / outdoor fixed PoE dome camera with a motorised 3mm to 10.5mm lens and capable of H.265 compression. The dome is ingress protection rated to IP66 and has an impact resistance of IK10. ONVIF profile S is supported. Review: This camera is designed to be easy to install and has very good support documentation supplied and online. Its image quality is very good with excellent low light performance. With careful set-up and reference to the manuals, some impressive features can be implemented. Hanwha Techwin – PNM-9020V The camera is quite heavy for a dome at just over 2kg but is well packaged and has a very good level of construction. The dome is based on 4 camera modules fitted with 3.6mm F2.0 lenses giving a field of view of 180° x 84° with a maximum resolution of 4096 x 1800 pixels. The camera assembly when mounted allows for the device to be rotated through 355° and tilted from 0 to 60°. Review: This camera performs well and is capable of covering a very wide area with a good level of image detail. The high pixel rate means that digital zooming can be used with reasonable effect. The hardware is robust and being IP66 rated with an IK10 impact rating means that this dome will be suitable for harsh environments. Illustra – IP02P6ANBTT This is an indoor unit with a 30x zoom lens and 2MP HD resolution. This particular variant of the dome is for internal use only. The camera is given a sensible manufacturer’s sensitivity figure of 0.4 Lux colour at 1/30th second (0.1 Lux colour at 1/8th second) and 0.04 Lux B&W at 1/8th second. Review: While some of the functionality may seem limited compared to some other recent offerings, this dome is built to a high standard, it performs very well and provides a good level of reliable functionality. Flir – CC-3103-01-I This is an IP66 rated corner mounting 3MP IP camera from the Flir Ariel range with a lens viewing angle designed to provide wall to wall and ceiling to floor coverage of the surveyed area. It has a curved front plate to ensure no grip is possible and that no ligature can be attached. A microphone allows sound to be captured and discrete infrared illumination is available for low or zero visible light use. Review: This camera is very simple to get up and running and has a wide range of settings to optimise its performance. Image quality and colour rendition is very good and alarm settings are clearly laid out and function well. The ease of browser access was a welcome change from some supplier offerings. 43

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