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FOCUS: SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Operational analytics solution for airports announced Genetec has introduced Genetec Airport Sense, an operational analytics solution that relies on data provided by an airport’s existing security infrastructure, including cameras, sensors, and various detection devices to produce actionable intelligence about airport security, operations, and passenger flow. By accessing and analysing both structured and unstructured data from these untapped security information sources, airports can extend their security investment. By analysing and correlating data provided by multiple sensors such as video surveillance cameras, access control hardware, and IoT connected devices, Airport Sense gives airport security and operations managers, business analysts, and airport executives, a deeper understanding of what’s happening in their facilities. By relying on powerful analytics such as queue detection and delays, heat mapping, directional analysis, and people counting, Genetec Airport Sense pinpoints hindrances to the flow of passengers in ticketing, screening, and passport control—and can identify where wait lines build in areas such as duty free, dining, entertainment, and pre-boarding. Enhanced situation awareness and controls The latest version of exacqVision video management system (v8.8) from Johnson Controls provides tools that are described as able to improve situation awareness and control for both administrators and users. To better react to imminent events that could potentially affect business, users can now embed a web page as a panel within the exacqVision client to get important information. This could be used to display breaking news headlines, or even for connectivity to web-enabled security or other mission critical systems. Additionally, event links can be displayed as an association which will appear on top of the live video feed. Ideal for associating access control or intrusion breaches, this feature is also listed as useful in applications such as retail, where metal/foil detectors are now being deployed to detect foil-lined bags, a new tool for shoplifters. Once the serial data profile is set up from the metal detector, whenever a foil-lined bag is detected, an alert will trigger and automatically appear on top of the corresponding live video, providing critical information to the retailer trying to prevent rising theft. This latest release also adds controls for administrators looking to more strictly manage how and when users can access the VMS. Expiring inactive accounts, automatically unlocking accounts, and assigning temporary guest accounts are a few of the new features that give system administrators visibility and control over system access. exacqVision v8.8 has also introduced the hover feature to accelerates the process of identifying where cameras are located (e.g. lobby, parking lot). While for CCTV set-up, multiple IP cameras can be imported to several servers at one time via a CSV file, which includes the cameras’ IP addresses, usernames, passwords, etc. 44 City-wide incident detection system uses camera data to spot incidents Hanwha Techwin and Sprinx Technologies have developed Wisenet Automatic Incident Detection (AID), a city wide incident detection solution. Traffic AID lets operators instantly know when traffic is slowing down and whether there is a lengthening queue. It will also detect broken down or illegally stopped vehicles and if there is a wrong way driver, a pedestrian in danger or there is smoke in a tunnel. It will even spot if some cargo has fallen off a lorry. Traffic AID utilises intelligent image processing to alert operators about specific traffic related events whilst at the same time enables statistical data such as vehicle classification, counting and flow to be recorded. Traffic AID’s intuitive web user interface enables operators to specify detection zones and parameters and to analyse statistical data via graphics and charts. An event journal provides a log of all events and snapshots of individual incidents. The Traffic Hub server based application collects and aggregates data from multiple network connected Wisenet cameras and through its interface offers a quick overview of all traffic incidents. Providing detailed but easy to understand graphs of traffic data such as the numbers and average speed of vehicles, the application is available in 4, 16 and 48 channel packages.

Security management app is launched S2 Security has announced the release of S2 Mobile Security Professional, a security management app for smartphones and tablets. The app allows both security managers and staff to operate their S2 access control and video management systems remotely. The new app, a reimagining of the S2 Mobile Security Officer, enables users to monitor events and alarms, view live video, review surveillance video, share video snapshots via email or text message, manage evacuations, remotely unlock doors, capture photo IDs and more. An additional app in the 2018 program focuses on servicing the “user’s users” who are ordinary employees and not security professionals. S2 Mobile Security Professional is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Monitor, manage, and maintain remotely Vanderbilt has added SPC Connect 2.4 to its SPC product portfolio. SPC Connect is a hosted cloudbased solution designed specifically for installers to monitor, manage, and maintain SPC panels remotely from any location. The latest features include push notifications, local user management, and alarm verification. The new push notifications for IOS devices ensure SPC Connect users are informed of new information related to their SPC system, even when the app is closed. The system also includes new local user management features, facilitating the ability to add new accounts through the server, import lists of multiple users, and automatically register multiple accounts at any given time, simplifying the user experience. “SPC Connect speeds up the process of adding and configuring users. It means that the system administrator can now quickly configure users to have access to their SPC system, while simultaneously saving them time and money,” explains John O’Donnell, Product Manager at Vanderbilt. NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers SPECIAL PRICING ON PoE SWITCHES BUY 5 GET ONE FREE* * Buy 5 of the the same eligible TP-Link Switches (608-0642, 608-0624, 608-0641, 608-0700) and get a TL-SG1005P (608-0724) FREE. Call now for more information: 01772 336111

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