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FOCUS: SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Cloud hosted maintenance tool Honeywell’s Total Connect Pro Manager is a maintenance tool hosted in the Honeywell Cloud, allowing installers to remotely access their customers’ Total Connect Box wireless control panels. Installers can perform diagnostics, adjust configurations and offer maintenance to customers on the go. With this information at their fingertips, installers can offer pre-emptive maintenance to home and small business owners. For example, installers can alert customers if a battery level is low on their system, or if a change to a sensor location has caused poor radio transmission levels. By providing this extra level of customer service, installers can ensure home and small business owners are getting the best out of their Total Connect Box system and prevent costly, inconvenient site visits. Using AI to predict human behaviour from facial expressions Human has developed new software that has the ability to read subliminal facial expressions live and convert these into a range of deeper emotions and specific characteristic traits in real time. The software is designed to take security and intelligence insight onto another level. Through the deciphering of live characteristic traits and emotions utilising deep learning, the technology is aimed at better equipping the security and intelligence world with data that will keep both the security provider and its customers safe, thus allowing them to make vital decisions such as monitoring extreme, or even life-threatening behaviour in some cases. The technology is also supporting suicide prevention, face detection and verification amongst crowds, extreme behavior monitoring, societal disturbances and anti-social behavior. Yi Xu, CEO and Founder of Human explains: “The ongoing scanning of emotions and characteristics in both small and large crowds has provided our clients with the ability to flag any extreme highs and lows in emotions. When narrowed down to extreme happiness, sadness, nervousness amongst others, it is giving both general and security staff the foresight and ability to step in before the worst case scenario presents itself.” This continues to further aid the ongoing pattern spotting and monitoring that exists today. The flagging of characteristics and emotions combined with face detection allows crowd monitoring and tracking to be taken from a previously reactionary process, to a preventative state. Businesses can now be confident that they are acting with the added benefit of psychological and emotional data as well as a visual track. 46 Free entry for security developers Milestone Systems offers XProtect Essential+ as a free entry product to the company’s portfolio. The software and SDK can be downloaded at no cost from the Milestone website. Documentation, eLearning courses, and an online developer forum are some of the resources to which open platform software developers gain free access allowing any Microsoft-certified developer can start developing business video solutions. XProtect Essential+ is designed to provide a professionalgrade security experience as a stand-alone video business solution. Users have access to their system from anywhere via three easy-to-use clients. XProtect Essential+ 2017 R2 supports up to eight cameras from more than 6,000 supported devices. This enables the user to pick and mix camera models and brands and upon installation, the users of the free XProtect Essential+ will gain access to the Milestone online support community at no cost. Limitless interfaces and integrations SeeTec Cayuga video management software offers unrestricted networking options, with simple, flexible administration and intuitive use. The system can be used to implement sector-specific and security-specific solutions of any size or complexity thanks to its modular Multi Solution Platform meaning that a variety of functions can be added to the core software via interfaces, metadata, protocols, expansion modules and sector-specific solutions – as and when required. SeeTec Cayuga is not dependent on a specific manufacturer, over 1000 camera models from around 40 manufacturers supported. Additional camera models can also be integrated via the ONVIF standard and analogue cameras and systems are integrated via video servers and can therefore still be used. Security systems such as building management and PSIM systems, access control systems, intruder and fire alarm systems as well as alarm centres and control room solutions are integrated via interfaces. Web and mobile clients are available for remote viewing on tablets and smartphones.

TOUGH products easy DECISION T E Security Alarm Simple & Easy Installation Integrated Security - Access Control Access Control Automation No Software Required Inception is an integrated access control and security alarm system with a design edge that sets it apart from the pack. Featuring built in web based software, the Inception system is simple to access using a web browser on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. With a step by step commissioning guide and outstanding user interface, Inception is easy to install and very easy to operate. DESIGNED Multiple Devices Easy Setup with Checklist Prompting IN A U ST R A LIA For more information, visit T: 0845 470 5000 E: W: Send IP Alarms via the Multipath-IP Network

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