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Buck PRINT 8x10 Final 1 Createspace


“This is Mondrea,” Lack answered. “She is sad because she needs help and I told her I would help her. Mondrea left the ginger apple field three years ago to go to college but she could not find the college so she came back to the ginger apple field to find her sister Monica and her clock. Buck, we really need to help her!” Buck and Leary looked at each other and laughed very hard. “What’s so funny?” Lack asked Buck. Leary walked up to Lack and looked him in both eyes, “We know where the clock is.” “We just left Monica’s clock!” said Buck. “Isn’t it funny how things happen? Monica helped me find you, and I am helping her sister to find her.” Leary started crying. “What’s wrong? asked Buck. “Nothing is wrong, everything is good,” said Leary. “I am so happy because you have found Lack, Mondrea will find Monica, and I have found all of y’all”. The End

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