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Issue 30 - Friends of Buckshaw Village

Here is a copy of Issue 30 of the 'Friends of Buckshaw Village' community magazine. If you'd like to be included in our next edition, please contact us now and we’ll be sure to send the information over to you.


Friends Of Buckshaw Village Community Article As you’ve no doubt noticed, there has been an unpleasant odour across the village and the surrounding area for the last few weeks. We understand that this has been caused by rotting waste being cut into in order to expand the landfill site on Dawson Lane which, due to insufficient gas control and containment, is releasing gases into the atmosphere. To resolve the issue, bore holes are being drilled and pipes sunk into the ground to extract the gas. The pipes will be connected to the wells and also the engine that generates electricity for the national grid, which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Work to line the new cut is underway, and by the end of March work to remove sand will start. Once this area is dug out, work to cover up the rotting area will start in around August. The rotting face of the tip will be fully covered up in the future but this may take up to two years. Chorley Council have advised that although they are unable to take action themselves, they are working with the Environment Agency, the site owner and other agencies to ensure action is being taken to tackle the problem and to help keep residents informed. The Environment Agency have instructed the permit holder, Quercia Ltd to take steps to minimise the impact, including improving capping and installing more gas collection wells, and this work is ongoing. The wells should mean that landfill gas is better contained, which is the source of the odour. While this work takes place it will mean more of the waste is disturbed and unfortunately therefore the smell is likely to be around for some time yet. The Environment Agency will be closely monitoring progress, and independent air quality monitoring started in mid-January. Environment Agency officers have been around the village speaking to residents. A further update is expected from the Environment Agency in early February. It is anticipated that the works should be completed by the end of January, however at the time of going to print this was still to be confirmed. Once the work is complete, the Environment Agency will then determine whether it has resolved the problem or if further work is needed. It is not thought that the odour has any impact on health, some residents have complained of headaches, nausea and stomach upsets. If you do have any health concerns, the advice is to contact your GP or ring the NHS helpline 111. You can read more about the effects of smells such as this at this link: To advertise contact 07531 354695

Friends Of Buckshaw Village You can also contact the Environment Agency via their website at or on 0800 807060. The site is owned and operated by Quercia Ltd, part of Neales Waste Management. A Neales Waste Management spokesman has apologised for the smell and the distress caused to local residents, and advised that they are working to resolve longstanding infrastructure issues and improve the long-term environmental performance of the site, however in the short term this may have an adverse impact, which they are working hard to minimise and control with mobile deodorising units. Lindsay Hoyle MP has written to the Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council to express significant concerns about the site. A campaign group, Leyland and Chorley Stink Bomb, has been set up, and at the time of going to print its Facebook group had over 1200 members. We would like to thank Mark Clifford, Vice Chairman of Clayton le Woods Parish Council, for the photographs. Follow us on

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