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Listing Book - Ashley Hunt

Stand Out in the Croud

Stand Out in the Croud Professional Photography for Every Listing Professional photography is essential to a successful home sale. I include professional real estate photography with every listing, as part of my full service lisiting fee. My photographers are the best in the business. Their equiptment provides for stunning photos every time. If you’ve searched for homes in the market lately, you’ve most likely noted that many properties are photographed with digital cameras or even smart phones, and the result is obvious. I want my properties to stand out and impress potential buyers at first glance, and draw people in to want to see more. A buyer will often see hundreds of home photos before they will ever set foot in a property, so we need our “first showing” of your home to be as impressive as possible.

Customized Marketing Specific to Your Home INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY BOOKS For every home I list, I place an array of marketing materials in the home. I always aim to include information about the neighborhood, a list of improvements, information about local attractions, information about local schools, and more. I put all of these things into a booklet to keep in the home. I also include a flyer that every buyer is welcome to take from the home. I find that when comparing your home against the many others a purchaser may see in a day, these packets and flyers make your home memorable and helps the buyers and their agents overcome most objections and questions before they even leave the home.

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