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Listing Book - Ashley Hunt


MARKETING TO OTHER AGENTS EMAIL BLAST CAMPAIGNS With 16,000+ agents in the Atlanta area all juggling a handful of different clients at any given time, it can be challanging to keep up with every new listing that comes into the market. I will create and send a customized email blast to Atlanta Realtors who work within a reasonable distance of your home. This way, we highlight the home and announce it to agents, as well as add a bit more detail to about who might be a good buyer for this home and the type of buyer I think it might be well suited for. I also utilize this email list to invite agents to the open hosues I will hold and to encourage agents to forward along to their clients, or to invite their clients to a public open house, if applicable.

PERSONAL OUTREACH TO OTHER AGENTS WITH SIMILAR SALES There is one simple step that most of my competitors never think to take. I’m going to reach out to the agents who have most recently participated in sales in your neighborhood or of similar homes. There is a chance that they may have a leftover buyer for the same area, or that they might have some market insight from their sale that could be useful to ours. It’s my job to keep your property top of mind with all cooperating agents. OPEN HOUSES THE AVERAGE ATLANTAN LIVES SIX MILES FROM THEIR FAMILY. I will make sure to get the word out to your neighbors to personally let them know your home is for sale to give them an opportunity to hand pick their newest neighbor. I will host a brokers open house to draw attention from other agents in town. This will hopefully condesne some of the showing activity into a set time frame, eliminating some of the spontaneous showing requests, but also givs us a chance to get some immediate candid feedback on the home, its price, and its competitive qualities when compared to the other homes on the market. I will also host a public open house at the home early in the listing process, to be sure that we attract buyers via every possible avenue. Before the Open House, I always door-knock the neighborhood and invite neighbors and anyone they know who might be interested to come over and view your property. As always, the more exposure, the better, and this is just one way to increase the word-of-mouth buzz being generated about your home.

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