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Amazon Simple Queue

Amazon Simple Queue Service Developer Guide Programming Languages Programming Languages AWS provides libraries, sample code, tutorials, and other resources for software developers who prefer to build applications using language-specific APIs instead of Amazon SQS's SOAP and Query APIs. These libraries provide basic functions (not included in Amazon SQS's SOAP and Query APIs), such as request authentication, request retries, and error handling so that it's easier to get started. Libraries and resources are available for the following languages: • Java • PHP • Ruby • Windows and .NET For libraries and sample code in all languages, go to Sample Code & Libraries. API Version 2009-02-01 31

Amazon Simple Queue Service Developer Guide Using The Access Policy Language Topics • Overview (p. 33) • How to Write a Policy (p. 46) • Amazon SQS Policy Examples (p. 57) • Special Information for SQS Policies (p. 61) This section is for Amazon SQS users who want to write their own access control policies.You don't need to write your own policies if you want to allow access based only on AWS account ID and basic permissions (e.g., SendMessage, ReceiveMessage). In that case, you can just use the SQS AddPermission action. If you want to explicitly deny access or allow it based on finer conditions (such as the time the request comes in or the IP address of the requester), you need to write your own policies and upload them to the AWS system using the SQS SetQueueAttributes action. Note To write your own policies, you must be familiar with JSON. For more information, go to The main portion of this section includes basic concepts you need to understand, how to write a policy, and the logic AWS uses to evaluate policies and decide whether to give the requester access to the resource. Although most of the information in this section is service-agnostic, there are some SQS-specific details you need to know. For more information, see Special Information for SQS Policies (p. 61). API Version 2009-02-01 32