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2A Pickens County Courier Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Daniel principal given district job By Greg Oliver Courtesy The Journal CENTRAL — Daniel High School principal Josh Young has been named the School District of Pickens County’s new executive director of student services, effective July 1. In the new role, Young will be responsible for safety, discipline intervention, attendance, expulsions, school choice and other administrative duties at the district level. He will succeed Tim Mullis, who is retiring as the district’s discipline interventionist. “I am excited about my new position due to the variety of roles and responsibilities that it will have and the impact the role can have on the success of all schools and students in Pickens County,” said Young, also a former Walhalla High School principal. “Obviously, school safety, security, attendance and discipline will no doubt be of the utmost importance in the school district’s continuing goal of improving our graduation rate and producing students that are college and career ready. “I look forward to being a part of this process and working with all of the schools in our county to achieve this goal.” With the exception of two Meth From page 1A they can get them off methamphetamine, too,” Clark said on Jan. 12. “We’ll never arrest our way out of this situation we have — nationwide or countywide — but if we’re community partners, maybe we have a chance to save a few lives, and if we can get that person off meth, maybe their children won’t be on meth and maybe they won’t kill or hurt one of our officers when they’re out there. “We’re going to address this any way we can, through the arrests we have today or the oneon-one counseling that it takes with new medicines and new techniques that can save people, get them off meth and help them become productive citizens. That’s my goal as sheriff, that’s my goal as a Christian and I think we’re making good steps forward.” The sheriff acknowledged that his office will handle the law enforcement side while Behavioral Health, with laws regarding privacy rights, will exercise confidentiality in working with meth addicts. “We don’t want anybody scared or upset or thinking they’ll be ratted out when they go to get help,” he said. “We urge and beg them to get help with their drug problem — whether it be meth or anything else.” Chapman said the methamphetamine problem “is a huge one in our community.” In recognition of that, she said the research department of Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County is now going through a new study seeking possible medication treatment for those struggling with methamphetamine. “This is our fifth methamphetamine study, and this is trying to offer an alternative for people who use methamphetamines and are trying to YOUNG years spent at Walhalla, Young’s entire education career has been in Pickens County — dating back to 2000. In 2014, Young returned to Pickens County to take over at Daniel. “My time at Daniel High School as principal is truly one of the greatest times in my educational career,” Young said. “The opportunity to work with the faculty, staff, community and students of Daniel High School has truly made me a better educator and person. I am incredibly proud of the hard work that was done by the faculty and staff over the past four years as we have continued to achieve great success in academics, fine arts and athletics.” Young said the past two years “have especially been gratifying,” as the school saw its graduation rate exceed 90 percent. In November, district officials commended Young for Daniel’s graduation rate of 91.5 percent, as well as the 508 students who passed Advanced Placement exams. “It has been an honor to be a part of the tradition of excellence that One Daniel represents,” Young said. School district spokesman John Eby said the search is underway for Young’s successor at Daniel. get off meth,” Chapman said. “Right now, if you go to your doctor, there’s nothing they can give you from a pharmaceutical standpoint to help get you off methamphetamine. So, with this study, we’re trying to see if this is a potential option.” While acknowledging that some meth users may be reluctant to “get off one drug and get on another,” Chapman said “that’s not really the purpose” of the research study. “This medication we’re using is not a replacement,” she said. “It’s non addictive and it is a medication we hope will be just kind of a tool in the tool belt for the doctors in the community. “We’re looking for people who are currently using methamphetamine and can’t quit on their own. We want to see them before law enforcement sees them so we can possibly help them get off methamphetamine in order to help them help their family and help the community.” But Chapman pointed out the research is an investigative tool, and while the desire is to help those who are methamphetamine addicts get off the drug, there is no guarantee the replacement drug will work. “I can’t guarantee to anyone it’s going to help them,” Chapman said. “But we need to have research so that we know what works and what doesn’t work, and we do hope this helps individuals. “Research is an option — it is completely voluntary, so if someone is referred by probation or PTI, we are not the referral source. Behavioral Health would be the referral source for them because they have evidence-based, proven treatment Guardian ad Litem needs volunteers By Jason Evans Staff Reporter COUNTY — More volunteers, especially male volunteers, are needed to help Pickens County children. The volunteers of the Cass Elias McCarter Guardian ad Litem program serve as a voice for children in the legal system. Pickens County coordinator Brigitte Stephens spoke earlier this month at the annual meeting of the Pickens County Legislative Delegation. “Statewide, during fiscal year 2016-17, more than 2,100 Guardian ad Litem volunteers served 14,161 South Carolina children,” Stephens said. “The Merck From page 1A salary increase from $123,600 this year to $128,544. School board chairman Brian Swords said the board felt strongly that Merck “has our district going in the right direction.” “Dr. Merck’s approach to leadership has resulted in a very positive culture in our district,” Swords said. “His ability to form partnerships and rekindle relationships with other entities across the county has been a tremendous asset, not only for the on the clinical side, while our research side is purely investigative. But it’s good to have that option, because maybe someone’s not ready for treatment or maybe they don’t want to go to Behavioral Health, so maybe they’re OK with the research side.” Chapman said participants in the study are paid for their time. “We consider their time valuable — they’re with us anywhere from 30 minutes and some appointments are as long as six hours — and when you step back from that, that’s 30 minutes and six hours they’re not using methamphetamine, not dealing or whatever,” she said. “The medication is free of charge, and we have an EKG we do with them and a physical because a lot of our participants don’t have access to health care. So this gives them kind of an overall health screening that otherwise they might not have access to.” As an outpatient counseling facility, Chapman said people are counseled individually and in group settings, and ages range from children to older adults. Chapman said Behavioral Health and the sheriff ’s office Classes Now Forming Pickens County volunteer advocates donated more than 9,800 hours advocating for 664 abused and neglected children.” She highlighted some examples of the “great work our volunteers do to make a difference in the life and child.” “We have many volunteers, and they all do a wonderful job going over and beyond,” Stephens said. Volunteer Grant Warwick visits his children regularly. “During the holidays, he (visited) on Christmas Eve just because he wanted them to have a familiar face during the holiday season,” Stephens said. Ruth Ann Chapman, a fulltime school administrator, “is always willing to take a case,” school system, but the county as a whole. His support of teachers, staff and administrators, along with his commitment to seeing the children in our county succeed by reaching their educational goals is beyond compare.” Swords said Merck’s vision to establish two magnet schools — the Central Academy of the Arts and the McKissick Academy of Science and Technology — will continue to distinguish the school district as a leader in the state and region. When he was hired in 2014, Merck, a Liberty High School graduate, had spent 19 of his 23 years as an educator in the School District of Pickens County. Merck served as principal at are both tackling drug issues in the county, though in different ways. “We all want to help get people off meth and help our community,” she said. Clark said meth distribution is segmented, rather than through one particular “kingpin” in Pickens County or the Upstate. The sheriff also added that meth users are more likely now to purchase the drug rather than attempting to make it themselves — a process that has proven dangerous in the past. But the sheriff emphasized that meth has to be addressed because of how it is affecting the county. “Meth not only affects our theft rate, but it often really affects our rate with juveniles — even children and newborns who are meth-addicted, who have parents who are meth-addicted or there’s people around them who don’t care about them who are on meth,” Clark said. “That’s what keeps us going on a dayto-day basis — it’s probably the children we serve and the aftereffects of how meth destroys homes and destroys communities.” Saturday, February 24 • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM University Inn/Best Western, Clemson 8 Hours Classroom • 6 Hours Driving 864.261.6866 | 800.305.2629 two Pickens County high schools — Easley and Daniel. He also served as assistant superintendent for administration prior to taking the Daniel High job. Merck is also a former principal of Pendleton High in Anderson School District 4. “We are fortunate to have a leader like Dr. Merck at the helm of our school system,” Swords said. “The board looks forward to working with him to continue to accomplish our district goals for many years to come.” Merck said he is excited about the contract extension and positive evaluation and looks forward to the upcoming visit by AdvancED in the fall. The last evaluation by the state accreditation team was less than pleasant after board members were said to be continuing “to function outside their defined roles and Killing From page 1A found Brown with a gunshot wound to the chest, and he died at the scene. Wilkins said the defendants fled the scene following the shooting but were arrested the same night while attempting to get gas in Dacusville. Taylor, Jamari Trayvar Fair, Dennis Ezell Gibbs and an unnamed 15-year-old were charged in the shooting. The Pickens County Sheriff ’s Office and Greenville County authorities helped Easley police investigate the case. Last December, Fair pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Miller sentenced Fair to 20 years in prison, of which he will have to serve at least 17 years — or 85 percent of his sentence — before becoming eligible for parole. Stephens said. “She’s a mother, she’s a grandmother,” she said. “She always find time to juggle her time to take cases. She may have five cases at a time, working a fulltime job.” Diana Bolt is a homemaker, mother and grandmother. “She spends many countless hours investigating her cases,” Stephens said. “It doesn’t matter what the nature of the case is, she’ll take it. She’ll go to court and she’ll be the first one to make a motion when it’s in the child’s best interest.” Mary Ellen Burns works a third-shift job. “She stays up all day to go to court, to see her children, to attend family meetings,” Stephens said. “She even goes to medical appointments with the children that she’s appointed to.” Volunteers are only required to see the children they’re appointed to. But Dial Dubose visits his kids in the lower part of the state twice a month. “He said, ‘I’m the only male figure in that child’s life, and when he needs me, I’m gonna be there. I don’t mind traveling that extra mile — I just want to make sure he’s happy and safe,’” Stephens said. Statewide, more male volunteers are needed as well. For more information on becoming a Guardian ad Litem, call (864) 878-0807 or visit responsibilities.” The organization also cited a lack of compliance that had reached “a severe level of non-compliance.” Those issues were eventually addressed, including a successful push by the Pickens County Legislative Delegation for a seventh school board seat due to complaints the board too often deadlocked. “We have a completely different perspective with the upcoming accreditation visit from AdvancED due to the teamwork throughout the district from the schools to the board room,” Merck said. “We recognize that continuous improvement is expected in high performing organizations as we start planning for our accreditation review. The area we are currently addressing is a lack of diversity in leadership positions in the district.” Snow From page 1A and schedule two inclement weather makeup days — Feb. 26 and March 30 for Oconee and March 16 and March 30 for Pickens. A third inclement weather day will be used April 30 by Pickens County and June 1 in Oconee County as a result of missing school Jan. 8 due to the threat of freezing rain. State law signed last year by former Gov. Nikki Haley allows local school boards to forgive the fourth, fifth and sixth days missed so that students do not have to attend another makeup day. Any additional days missed would have to be made up unless forgiven by an act of the South Carolina General Assembly. The uniform inclement weather policy is designed to keep districts from having to go to the governor’s office each year to seek forgiveness for missed days. Fire From page 1A peared to have started in the drum of a dryer. “The fire was contained to the laundry service area and never posed a threat to the inmate population,” Hashe added, and no inmates were evacuated from the facility. Two fire departments and one EMS unit responded to the fire, Johnson said, but there were no injuries reported. Damage assessments were still ongoing early Tuesday afternoon. “Estimated damages are unknown at this time, but the utility machines used for washing and drying are expected to be replaced,” Hashe said. “Routine damages to the area that are commonly seen in the course of fire suppression will also require further inspection and repair.” Hashe said operations at the detention center were following normal schedule Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Pickens County Courier 3A Baptist Easley, EHS baseball join forces for spring break tourney Baptist Easley campus president Todd Walker, right, presents a check to Easley High School baseball coach Josh Warner. EASLEY — When retirement is approaching, some look forward to a slower-paced lifestyle. Randy Bagwell chose to start a new business instead. He found the asset inventory industry was a very good fit for him and choosing to be a licensee of Nationwide Inventory Professionals made the transition much easier. The retired senior claim service consultant traveled extensively during his 19 years as an Allstate National Catastrophe Team member and licensed insurance adjuster as he assisted policyholders after a loss. He learned the importance of having a thorough contents inventory while helping those who faced financial hardship due to insufficient insurance coverage or the inability to remember and prove ownership of what they owned. Bagwell also witnessed devastation and loss during the 12 years he owned Restorx Restoration Services. Seeing the aftermath of a disaster when his clients did not have any documentation of their belongings made an impact on his decision to enter the personal property inventory industry. By developing Accurate Inventory, he is helping his clients prepare for and recover from a disaster — whether it’s their home or small business. With this extensive background, Bagwell was asked why he felt a need to utilize the assistance of Nationwide Inventory Professionals. “I was able to focus on learning the industry as a whole, along with their proven processes,” he said. “While they created my logo, website, and other marketing materials, I could work on my business. I know what it takes to start a company, and I find great value in their knowledge and mentoring.” A long-time resident and native of Liberty/Easley, Bagwell attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tenn., and Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton. He also achieved certification in fire and smoke, water, and odor restoration from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). Wanting to gain industry knowledge about the personal property inventory industry prior to his business launch, he has already achieved EASLEY — Baptist Easley Hospital and the Easley High School baseball program announced a partnership recently to sponsor the 2018 Easley Green Wave Invitational baseball tournament. The 2018 Easley Green Wave Invitational presented by Baptist Easley Hospital will be held April 3-7 at the J.B. “Red” Owens Complex in Easley. Fourteen teams from South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio will be participating in the tournament. Some of the teams participating include Science Hill (Johnson City) and David Crockett (Jonesborough) from Tennessee, West Henderson (Hendersonville) from North Carolina and Benedictine (Cleveland) from Ohio, along with 10 Retired insurance adjuster launches personal property inventory business his Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) and Certified Appraisal Examiner (CAE) designations from the National Inventory Certification Association. In addition to disaster preparedness, Accurate Inventory provides inventory services for estates, collectibles, division of assets, business asset tracking, and the many other times one needs to have a record of their belongings. The company is bonded and insured, serving the states of South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. For more information, visit General Insurance Services Auto • Home • Commercial All Forms of Insurance Call us today for a quote. (864) 878-3234 We won’t put a dent in your wallet with high prices! 201 Garvin Street PO Box 747 Pickens PLACE YOUR AD IN 101 S.C. NEWSPAPERS and reach more than 2.1 million readers using our small space display ad network Statewide or regional buys available Alanna Ritchie 888.727.7377 South Carolina Newspaper Network teams from South Carolina. “We are proud to sponsor this tournament,” BEH campus president Todd Walker said. “Coach (Josh) Warner does a great job at EHS, and we are excited to be the presenting sponsor of this great event. It is important for us to connect with the community we serve and this provides a wonderful opportunity to do that.” Warner, who is entering his fourth year as Easley’s head coach, echoed the sentiment. “We are excited that Baptist Easley Hospital has chosen to be the presenting sponsor of the 2018 Easley Green Wave Invitational,” he said. “Our team is thankful to be associated with a first-class facility like BEH that has served Easley for 60 years.” Experts: Protect yourself from flu COLUMBIA — Flu activity is continuing to increase in the Palmetto state, and while it’s unknown when the flu season activity will peak, DHEC is encouraging South Carolinians to protect themselves against the flu. “The Influenza A strain continues to be the most frequently reported this season in South Carolina and nationally,” DHEC immunization medical consultant Dr. Tracy Foo said. “When there are high levels of the H3N2 strain circulating, there tends to be more severe illness and a higher number of deaths.” As of Jan. 20, 46 people in South Carolina had died. Those over 65 have the highest hospitalization rate and number of deaths. About one-third of all laboratory-confirmed influenza cases reported this season are in older adults. The best protection against the illness is the flu shot. Anyone 6 months of age or older should get the shot if they haven’t already had one this season, experts recommend. It takes about two weeks for the body to build up protection after getting the flu vaccine, so the sooner you get the vaccine, the better, according to officials. Authorities remind residents that the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. Flu vaccines contain virus strains that are not active and cannot produce disease. Anyone can get sick from the flu — even healthy people can develop complications, which include pneumonia, serious illness requiring hospitalization and even death. Some people are at higher risk for complications from the flu, especially infants BAGWELL and young children, older adults, pregnant women, and anyone with a chronic medical condition, such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease. “Because we are seeing more severe flu activity this season, it is especially important for these high-risk individuals to get, vaccinated if they haven’t already,” Foo said. Vaccine effectiveness depends on how well the virus strains in the vaccine match the strains that are circulating and other factors like the individual’s age and their immune system’s response. The H3N2 virus strain is in this year’s vaccine and is similar to the strain that is being seen in the U.S. this season. “We do not yet know how effective this year’s vaccine will be, but the message is still the same — get vaccinated now,” Foo said. The flu vaccine is available from providers statewide. In addition to DHEC, many local providers, including doctors’ offices, pharmacies, college health centers, schools, and workplaces, are still offering flu vaccines. Flu vaccines are offered at DHEC Health Department clinics by appointment. Call 1-800-868- 0404 to make an appointment or visit to find the location closest to you. For more information about the flu, visit flu. Liberty wrestlers named all-region LIBERTY — A dozen Liberty High School wrestlers were named to the all-region team after last week’s region championships. Payton Poole, Nate Hellams, McKinnon Stewart, Jacob Rogers, Cole Murphy, Hunter Powell, Dustin Krout, Noah Kelly, Ajah Young, Brandon Vega, Lucas Bates and Jack Brissey earned the honors. The team defeated Abbeville 66-18 and Ninety Six 75-3 on Friday to win the region championship. The team is now 24-5 heading into the playoffs. The Red Devils will wrestle at home on Saturday against an opponent to be determined this week. The next round of playoffs will be Monday, Feb. 5. Upper State finals will be on Wednesday, Feb. 7, and the state championship match will be held at Airport High School at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 10. Spring soccer and volleyball sign-ups open at Pickens Rec PICKENS — Spring soccer and volleybal registrations are being taken now through Jan. 26 at the Pickens Recreation Center on Sangamo Road in Pickens. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify and will only be taken the first three weeks of the registration period, which will end Jan. 19. The following coed age divisions are offered in soccer: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11- 12. Depending on size of leagues, the 9-10 and 11-12 divisions may be combined. EASLEY — Easley High School’s cheerleading squads will host a Winter Kiddie Camp for children in grades K5 through six Feb. 3 at the school. Participants will learn cheers, chants, dances, motions and a mini routine to perform at the parent showcase. Additionally they will receive a T-shirt, Easley will be looking to defend its 2017 tournament title. After losing 15 seniors from last year’s squad, Warner is excited about the challenge. “We will be young and inexperienced, but we will find a way to compete,” he said. “The baseball during this tournament will be outstanding, and we invite our fans to come out and support all of these young men.” The following age divisions are offered in volleyball: 7-9, 10-12, 13-14 and 15-17. Following registration, a skills/evaluation day will be held for each age division. The registration fee provides a jersey to be kept. The fee is $45 for in-city residents and $55 for out-of-city residents. Birth certificates are required at registration. Birthday cutoff is Sept. 1, 2017. Those interested in coaching or who need additional information are asked to call the Recreation Department at 878-2296. Easley High cheerleaders planning Kiddie Camp SIX MILE — The Six Mile Recreation Department is currently registering participants for spring youth baseball and softball. Registration will end on Thursday, Feb. 15. Baseball and softball age divisions and costs are $40 for tee-ball for boys and girls ages 4-6, $65 for coach pitch baseball for ages 6-8, and $75 for 10U baseball for ages 8-10, 12U water bottle and a take-home DVD of cheer material. The cost for the camp will be $25 per participant. For more specific information about the camp and how to register, contact Lauren Hudson at LaurenHudson@pickens.k12. The last day to register for the camp is Jan. 29. Six Mile Rec holding baseball, softball signups until Feb. 15 $99 Front Brake Service On most makes & models $29.95 Oil Change On most makes & models 6804 Calhoun Memorial Hwy. Next to Walker’s Furniture baseball for ages 11-12, 10U softball for girls ages 8-10, 12U softball for girls ages 11-12 and 15U Softball for girls ages 13-15. Participants may download a form or register online at For more information, contact the Six Mile Recreation Department at (864) 506-2940 or ROOT’S $39.95 Coolant Drain & Fill 306-6901 RIDGEVIEW AND PICKENS APARTMENTS 117 Ridgeview Drive | Pickens, SC 29671 (864) 878-2459 APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED AT THE SITE OFFICE TUESDAY AND FRIDAY 8:00 AM UNTIL 4:30 PM WEDNESDAY BY APPOINTMENT 1, 2, & 3 - BEDROOM APARTMENTS- HOUSING FOR FAMILIES, SENIORS & PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES • ENERGY EFFICIENT • CARPET/STOVE/REFRIGERATOR/BLINDS • NEW KITCHEN CABINETS • WASHER/DRYER CONNECTIONS • PLAYGROUND LIMITED RENTAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE FOR QUALIFIED APPLICANTS Make your new home with us this year! 3 BEDROOMS NOW AVAILABLE! ACCESSIBLE UNITS TTY RELAY # 711 REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHERS ACCEPTED “This institution is an equalopportunity provider.”

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