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English Menu February 2018 - Hostaria Rò E Buni Organic Ristorante

PASTA | PRIMI Our pasta

PASTA | PRIMI Our pasta is freshly homemade by us from scratch, on location, no additives. With fresh eggs, four and semolina from Bavaria. 100% regional organic and clean eating. Mezzo porzione primo: We serve smaller portions as entremet (= primo) or starter if you choose a main dish, please ask us. Al dente: We cook pasta on purpose traditionally quite frm to the byte, if you don't like that, please give notice in advance! Seasonal | della stagione Tagliatelle al ragù di coniglio* con barbabietole gialle Ribbon pasta with rabbit*-ragout, white wine, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes and scoops of yellow beetroot A1, A3 (Meat origin: Hermann's rabbit estate, district Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria) 17,00 Tagliolini alle vongole * A1, A4, A7, A12 e spaghetti di zucchine e salsa di vermut * Angel's hair pasta with sauteed venus clams *, zucchini-spaghetti with tarragon-vermouth-sauce Ravioli ripieni di spinaci e formaggi, al burro e salvia Handmade ravioli flled with ricotta * fresh cheese, spinach, parmesan cheese, classically tossed in sage butter Campanelle alle bietole, arance, olive, pesto di nocciola Vegan spelt pasta bits (dried, no egg, regionally manufactured) with chard, oranges, olives, hazelnut-parsley-pesto A1, A3, A7 A1, A8 16,50 16,00 14,50 For 2 persons | per 2 persone Risotto of the season | risotto della stagione: per person 15,00 We stir by hand, hence preparation time can be up to 20 minutes A7, A12 Risotto con radicchio di treviso, scamorza e vino rosso Risotto with radicchio di Treviso, smoked cheese, parmesan, red wine

Klassiker | Classici PASTA | PRIMI A1, A3 Strozzapreti pomodoro e basilico 13,50 Fresh strozzapreti (mid-sized, hand-rolled pasta, very al dente) in classic tomato sauce and fresh basil – also available with Gnocchi A1, A3, A7 Gnocchi di patate al pecorino * di fossa DOP 15,50 Potato gnocchi in creamy sauce of matured Fossa pecorino * cheese Emilia-Romagna speciality A1, A3, A9 Strozzapreti con salsiccia e pomodoro Fresh strozzapreti (mid-sized, hand-rolled pasta, very al dente) in tomato sugo with salsiccia * (slightly spicy pork sausage) 15,00 A1, A3, A7 Cappelletti ripieni di formaggi e proscuitto cotto, 16,00 in salsa di formaggio * stagionato di fossa Handmade pasta dumplings flled with ricotta *, parmesan cheese, and ham from the haunch, in creamy sauce from matured Fossa pecorino * A1, A2, A3 Tagliatelle ai scampi * Ribbon pasta with red giant prawn * in sugo from released, cut prawns *, tomatoes, peperoncino chili, garlic (slightly spicy dish) 18,00 Speciality: Pasta duo | specialità della casa: duetto A1, A3 Bis di Pasta per person 19,80 Combination of two “half” portions of your choice, served on a platter supplement tagliatelle scampi / rabbit ragout + 2,00 supplemento tagliatelle ai scampi o ai coniglio Gluten-free Pasta | paste senza glutine For your convenience, we also prepare our sauces with gluten-free pasta. We use dried, sealed gluten-free pasta and separate boiling jars, hence it can take a little more time until ready. Of course, we cannot guarantee 100 per cent that there is wholly no residue or trace of gluten left. The pasta is not made by us on spot, but acquired in organic quality, currently you can choose from: Maize-Rice-Penne Maize-Rice-Spaghetti

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