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English Menu February 2018 - Hostaria Rò E Buni Organic Ristorante


MAIN DISHES | SECONDI Pesce del giorno * A4 | Fish of the day market price Grilled as a whole, we fllet if you please, includes side of your choice Please ask the waiting staff for more infos! A1, A13 Calamaretti * alla griglia 19,80 Grilled baby calamaretti *, olive-oil-lemon emulsion, side of your choice A1, A4, A12, A13 Filetto di salmone* alla salsa di vermut e vongole* 25,50 con tagliolini a nido, bietole o spinaci saltati Grilled Yukon wild salmon * fllet, tarragon-vermouth-sauce with Venus clams *, nest of angel's hair pasta, sauteed chard or spinach A2 Scampi * alla griglia 28,00 Giant saltwater shrimps * (at least fve pieces, ca. 300 gr = 10.6 oz) grilled with fresh herbs, olive-oil-lemon emulsion, side of your choice Choice of side dish | selezione del contorno a piacere One side of choice included with fsh or meat main, adding another is + 4,80 Patate arrosto con rosmarino Polenta arrostita Insalate verde Verdura mista della stagione A9 Lenticchie al balsamico Roast potatoes with rosemary Roasted maize polenta Green salad leafs Mixed oven-roasted regional winter vegetables Stewed lentils in balsamic vinegar Extra side dishes | selezione di contorno extra If you change a main dish side to one of these: 2,50, adding it extra: 4,80 Bietole saltate o spinaci saltati alla casa Regional, fresh chard or spinach (based on daily availability), shortly sauteed with lemon, garlic and olive oil 6,50 A6 Purè di fave con cime di rapa o cavolo riccio 7,80 Apulian speciality: Fava bean mash with sauteed wild broccoli rabe (alternatively: kale/leaf cabbage) Also as a vegan main dish 14,80

MAIN DISHES | SECONDI Meat origin: 100% regional-organic, only descends from Bavaria or Austria. Distributor: Pichler Biofeisch. The Bavarian has Naturland/Bioland certfcates. Involtini di vitello e proscuitto di parma A7, 1 Rolled-up veal escalopes flled with Parma proscuitto and sage in a creamy lemon-white-wine sauce, herb-infused polenta 25,00 Pollo al forno con olive e limoni, patate al rosmarino Pieces from oven-roasted regional chicken, Italian-style, with lemons, olives, herbs; roasted potatoes with rosemary on the side 23,50 Spiedini di salsiccia e pollo alla griglia 19,80 con purè di fave e cime di rapa o cavolo riccio A6 Two salsiccia and chicken breast skewers grilled with thyme, fave bean mash with sauteed wild broccoli rabe or leaf cabbage (depends on supply) Controfletto di manzo (senza l'osso) ca. 200g 28,00 Beef sirloin steak from Upper Bavaria, boneless ca. 300g 39,00 Tagliata di manzo con rucola e parmigiano A7 Beef entrecôte (rib-eye) grilled as a whole, cut into strips, topped with arugola (rocket) and grated parmesan A7 , side of your choice ca. 220g 28,50 Petto di pollo alla griglia con erbe ca. 180g 18,00 Prime chicken breast fllet, grilled with fresh herbs ca. 280g 25,00 topped on a large salad | come grande insalata cut into strips, as a tossed large mixed salad + 2,50 A8, A9 Grande verdura della stagione al forno con pesto di noci 16,80 Large platter of mixed, regional oven-cooked autumn vegetables choice of maize polenta or rosemary potatoes, walnut-almond-pesto Parmigiana di melanzane A7 16,80 Comfort-food eggplant parmigiana after Sicilian recipe, baked with grana cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce, cinnamon – green leafs salad A7, A8 Grande insalata con formaggio di capra 16,80 Large mixed salad, grilled goat cheese herbal coated, roasted walnuts

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