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Interface Overview PDF

Interface Overview PDF Viewer sports 4 major interface views, one that helps you deal with files, and three that allow you to work on specific documents. docu- The File Browser, where your documents live, and where you can import PDF ments into. The Document Viewer itself, where you can look at documents, browse them, set bookmarks, and share pages. types. The Annotation Mode, which offers a Toolbar for various annotation ones, And the Document Editor, where you can add new pages, rearrange existing or even export selected pages into new Documents.

File Browser There are multiple ways you can import or load documents into PDF Viewer, accessible via the File Browser’s interface. On top, you can see the search function as well as view options (sorting type, and the toggle for grid and list views)… …while the bottom tool bar holds the + icon to import documents and the Edit button that allows you to perform operations with your documents (like renaming or deleting them). Quick Tip: You can also import PDF documents into PDF Viewer via the Open In… menu of iOS.

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