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Document Viewer The

Document Viewer The document viewer’s navigation bar hold tools related to the document that is currently open and a document tab bar that shows all your open documents. From left to right, the tools are: View Settings Search in Document Annotation Mode Bookmarks System Share Menu Table of Contents Export to Cloud Providers Document Page Grid View At the bottom of the view, on the other hand, you will find the document page navigation widget, which allow you to quickly jump around the document. Quick Tip: Play around with the View Settings to find the ideal way for you to look at documents.

Annotation Tools The annotation mode—along with the toolbar that holds all the relevant tools—is entered by tapping the first icon in the Navigation Bar’s icon group. This opens the toolbar, seen below, which allows you to quickly access all the available annotation tools and types: Text highliting Free text annotations and callouts Notes stylii) Drawing tools (supporting 3rd party lines) Shape tool (arrows, boxes, audio) Multimedia annotations (add/record images, movies or as well as to access helpful tools: The eraser and selection tools Undo/redo functions The close button to exit annotation mode The dragging handle that allows you to reposition the toolbar Quick Tip: Press and hold a tool’s icon for additional options, as can be seen in the screenshot to the right.

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