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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Chuck Sparks assists

Chuck Sparks assists Donna G ardner before the Homecoming game by adjusting her corsage. C. EBORN AND D. GARDNER COME NEXT Homecoming festivities commenced Friday afternoon, October 8, with a pancake supper sponsored by the Fairfield Lions Club. Activities then moved from the cafeteria to Bailey Field where the thirteen candidates for Homecoming Queen circled the field in convertibles. Excitement mounted as the princesses were presented to the crowd again during halftime. Amid a thunder of applause, Cida de Mendonca was crowned Homecoming Queen for 1966. Saturday night, the queen and her court reigned over an enthusiastic crowd of Springers, old and new, at the Homecoming Dance, "Fall Fantasy," marking a glimmering end to the festivities. During the half-tim e activities o f Homecoming, Frances Nukols, a varsity cheerleader, performs the tra ditional H ighland Fling. 100

HALLOWEEN DANCE IS SUCCESS For the evening of the Senior Halloween Dance, a group of sorcerers quickly transformed the Springers' cafeteria into a mysterious hamlet complete with pumpkins, bats, cats, and cornshucks. As bewitched seniors entered the dance, they were_ silently greeted by two witches who kept their evil eyes on everything, including a bubbling caldron. The Sensational Rock-A-Teens kept up the tempo by calling up the spirits with their songs so that the costumed Springers might perform their traditional ceremonial dances. Others at hobgoblin festival preferred to gobble up the various cakes, cookies, and witches' brews prepared for them. As the witchi ng hour drew nigh, Springers danced around the cafeteria to be judged on their originality in costume ideas. Dressed as a mysterious old man, Carolyn Bruce was named the most unbeauteous creature at the dance. As quick as the wave of a wand, Sandra Largen, a silver, fairy, was selected by the judges for having the prettiest costume; while Vic "Farmer John" Bryant walked o ff with the prize for being the funniest. Jane Snipes proves the old adage th a t blondes have more fun as she and Billy Kahn enjoy the Senior Halloween Dance. M r. Browne, a "tip ic le " teen, declares, "Look, Honey, you know I simply detest soap!" 101

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