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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


GIRLS WITH VARIOUS TALENTS VIE FOR The 1966 Miss H ighlander contestants as they are presented to an adm iring audience are from le ft to rig h t: Judy Isbell, Stefani Fouts, Donna G ardner, Linda S iegfried, Connie Eborn, Susan Kaufelt, Ellen McLear, M ary Hyman, C hristy Cooke, and Linda Larsen. The 1966 Miss Highlander Pageant featuring the theme "O ur Fair Lady" opened to the familiar and beautiful strains of "I Could Have Danced All N ight", sung by guest soloist, George Arrington. Pastel lighting and white satin chandeliers over a misty blue backdrop contributed appropriately to the feminine and elegant spectacle of the contestants as they were informally introduced to their audience by emcee Chuck Deel of WLEE. The presentation of the talent phase opened with Stefani Fouts singing "W ouldn't It Be Loverly" from the Broadway favorite, "M y Fair Lady". A pleasant contrast was provided next by Linda Larson who performed a graceful toe dance to the quiet tones of "Around the W orld in 80 Days." In a dramatic recitation, Donna Gardner portrayed the anger and pathos of an unwed peasant girl in the Spanish monologue, "The Kingdom of G od." Mary Hyman chose for her talent a display o f her skill on the baton by twirling to the marked and exciting rhythm of a Sousa march. A medley of songs from the current musical "The Sound of Music" was presented by Connie Eborn who impersonated two memorable and recognizable scenes from the movie. The varied and entertaining talent phase continued with Sasan Kaufelt as she delivered a humorous monologue, "Springtime for Henry," in which she related with typical French sophistication her solution for a husband with too many mistresses. (C o p y continued on page 107) Donna G ardner displays the em otion o f a Spanish peasant girl trapped in a tra g ic situation. 104

PAGEANT CROWN ' ‘ ■‘U Ellen M cLear expresses anxiety and pathos as she reads her original short story, "A tte m p t at Freedom." To her own piano accompaniment, Judy Isbell sings a folk ballad, "W ill He Remember?" 105

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