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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


L. 8TITZER IS The candidates sat in a line on the lighted stage facing the student-filled auditorium. Each was silently reciting his speech, dreading the time when he would speak, yet wishing it were over. The friendly faces of the students they all knew so well seemed oddly remote as they stood behind the dais summoning their courage. The beginning sentence was the hardest, but after those first words had stumbled out, they continued with increased confidence. W ith the final "Thank you"- the applause rang out, and the candidates smiled gratifyingly and sighed their relief as they returned to sit in their line, each hardly daring to think he had impressed the students. The strain and the intense competition in the campaign o f the ensuing week had reached its pealc by Friday, the election date. The candidates anxiously waited while the votes were cast and counted. To everyone's surprise, the office o f president was held in a tie by Jim W hitlow and Lynn Stitzer. A run-off election was scheduled for the following week. When the final vote was over the count was agonizingly close, but Lynn had won the office by a slim margin. As the first girl president to be elected in ten "I feel th a t being a g irl is an asset," states Lynn Stitzer in her winning campaign speech years, Lynn anticipated a year of fo r S.C.A. president. change at Highland Springs. 110

Sue Connatser, with the help o f Brenda G riggs, puts up one o f her own cam paign posters fo r the S.C.A. elections. ELECTED FIRST LADY OF S.C.A. AT H.S. Brenda Kniesche registers with Carol Boykin before voting in the S.C.A. election, while Janet Burgess, Jim m y Chinn, Carol W arren, and Ricky Combs w ait th e ir turn to vote.

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