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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Springers and th e ir

Springers and th e ir dates dance to the music o f the Soul Senders at the Junior-Senior Prom. Though clad in th e ir form al best, Frances Nuckols and Betty Slaughter are not hampered in th e ir execution o f the "Brown." I 16

PROM THEME HAS ATMOSPHERE OF ROMANTIC PAST April and irrepressible excitement invaded Highland Springs simultaneously as the students directed their thoughts toward spring and the night of April 16, the night of the Junior-Senior Prom. For the seniors, time was spent in anticipation of the prom, but for the juniors, time was spent in preparing the invitations, the programs and most important; the decorations. As the theme of the prom gradually lost its secrecy, expectation and excitement mounted, as students prepared for an evening of enchantment "Down the River of Golden Dreams." Both the juniors who had worked long and hard and the seniors who had looked forward to the prom were delighted by the atmosphere of the deep South's stately mansions and romantic riverboats. Although the music for the evening, which was provided by the Soul Senders, was a sharp contrast to the sweet harmonies o f the magnolia days, the evening, with all its atmosphere, dancing and sociability, never lost any of its romantic qualities in the minds of the seniors in whose honor the prom was given. A stately southern mansion provides the backdrop to r the m eeting o f Judy isbell and her escort, H arry Johnson.

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