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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

In a skit follow ing the

In a skit follow ing the Senior Banquet, students portray the ir conception o f a "ty p ic a l" scene in the men's lounge. "THE BEST OF EVERYTHING" HIGHLIGHTS Graduation Week festivities began with the traditional Senior Banquet held in honor of the graduating class o f 66. Prepared and served by the Home Economics Department, the banquet appropriately kept in step with the week's theme, "The Best of Everything." Following the dinner at which the alma mater was sung and the rings were turned, the group adjourned to the auditorium for entertainment presented by members o f the graduating class. In spite o f cloudy weather and afternoon showers, the holiday atmosphere of Graduation Week continued undampened as seniors ventured forth on a day of "fun and games" at Kamp Kentwood. Dividing their time between the picnic tables and the swimming pool, celebrating seniors put their stomachs to a final test. A t the end of the day, the class o f '66, "halfbaked and over-stuffed," packed up to leave, wishing senior week could continue forever, but knowing their frivolity would soon be replaced with the seriousness of commencement. 120

Right: W hile a t Kamp Kentwood Senior show-offs build a human pyram id the hard way. SENIOR WEEK OF '6 6 In the mass confusion a t the poolside, Seniors are unaware th a t one o f th e ir fellows is about to be "sa crifice d " to the icy waters.

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