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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Varied em otional

Varied em otional responses re flect in the faces o f three graduation speakers as the commencement exercises begin. JOY AND SORROW The customary activities of graduation week opened at Springerville with the traditional Baccalaureate observance held in the school gymnasium on Sunday, June 5. The ceremony, which is often merely a stereotyped tradition, brought the Class' of '66 together for really the first and most significant time to listen in quietude and reverence to the sermon delivered by the Rev. Ernest Cochran. This new expression of unified pride and dignity, which seemed to replace the shallowness of mere school spirit, was further seen in the class of '66 at the Awards Assembly held in Bailey Field on Thursday, June 9. Before an impressive gathering of students, faculty and community representatives, seniors again came together in traditional robes while their school paid tribute to those students who were recipients of awards for leadership, scholarship and citizenship. This deeper meaning of school tradition and ceremony which had evolved slowly for the graduates, found its final expression in the commencement exercise held in the Richmond Arena on Friday evening, June 10. As the seniors listened with pride and reflection to the addresses of their graduation speakers, each student was able to interpret for himself what was meant by "The Best of Everything". Whether in the turning of the tassels or in the playing of the alma mater, each' graduate achieved for himself and fo r his class a feeling of joy and even o f sorrow which would never be forgotten. Framed by ceremonial palms,* Susan K aufelt proudly performs the tra d itio n a l and sym bolic ritual o f the changing o f the tassel. 122

The solemn mood o f Baccalaureate inspires qu ie t memories o f times past as senior girls await the beginning o f the opening processional. CHARACTERIZE TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES. In the congratulatory embrace o f his mother and his girl, M ickey Mathews flashes a joyous smile o f pride and relief.

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