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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


WIN OVER MANCHESTER BRIGHTENS SEASON The arrival of the month of August marked the beginning of practice for the 1965-66 Springer football team. Immediately, the problem which was to plague the team all season became evident— lack of manpower. A t one time during the first of the season, the varsity squad shrank to twenty-five members. By using sophomores as fillers, the size, if not the quality, of the squad rose. The first game of the season, played against Hopewell, ended in an 18-0 Springer defeat. For the first three quarters, the Springer defense held the Blue Devils to only six points; but the offense proved to be very ineffectual, picking up only 71 yards. In the fourth quarter, lack of depth paralyzed the Springer defense, allowing Hopewell to drive for twelve more points. The second game of the season was played against Tee- jay and proved to be one of the few bright spots of the Springer football season. Employing a varied offense and a stubborn defense, Highland Springs managed to keep the Jeffs o ff balance and to pick up two field-goals. Going into the fourth quarter, the Springers led, 6-0; but a desperate Teejay drive late in the quarter ended the game in a 6-6 tie. The season progressed with a series of four straight defeats. In general, it was the lack of good offense caused by weak manpower which kept victory from the Springers. Finally, against Manchester, the Springers managed to record their first victory of the season, winning 7-6. Unfortunately, the Springers were unable to seize victory again, the season ending with a 1-8-1 record. Left: Terry C raw ford gives a final burst o f energy before being brought down by a Tucker lineman. Below: Ken C offm an lowers his head and drives on a t an attem pt to gain extra yardage against H enrico.

Riclcy Zeigler tries to fake his way past a Teejay linebacker as Dan King _and Dennis Newcom b clear a path. Right: A dazed look o f both surprise and honor are mirrored on the face o f Dan King as he receives yet another award from his teammates.

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