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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Front Row: Frank

Front Row: Frank Pqrterfield, Ted Burgess, Howard C arroll, Joe Johnson, John Fowles, Ricky Rowe, Bobby Farmer. Back Row: Steve Gates, Tommy D eM artino, David Atkinson, Ray M ansfield, Jesse H art, Ricky Stanley. JAYVEE FOOTBALL 8PORT8 2-4-1 RECORD As the Jayvee football season once more came 4o Springerville, spirits loomed high in hopes of a winning season, for the team was in all readiness for a great year. The Springer Jayvee, comprised of only sophomores, started the year with a strong defensive effort as they tied Henrico, 0-0, in an endless ball-control game. They won the second game in a tight battle with Manchester as Steve Sates ran through the tough Lancer line for 32 yards and a touchdown. Though the Springers lost their next four games in a row, they played thumbs-down ball and always showed enormous spirit on and o ff the field. Highland Springs ended the year with a tight game against the tough Petersburg team. Petersburg jumped to a 6-0 lead, until the Springer Jayvee scored two straight touchdowns and won the game, 14-6. The outstanding players of the season were David A t­ kinson, Steve Sates, and W alter Sarrett, all of whom helped to lead the Springers to a 2-4-1 record. The team, as a whole, showed great potential as a future varsity football team at Highland Springs. SPRINSERS OPPONENTS 0 Henrico 0 7 Manchester 0 6 Tucker 12 0 Thomas Jefferson 6 0 John Marshall 12 0 Douglas Freeman 12 14 Petersburg 6 132

STUDENTS LEARN DRIVING SKILLS Brenda G riggs, attaching the "S tud ent D river" sign in place, believes in giving the other person a chance. Sighting familiar faces behind the wheel of driver training vehicles was an every-day occurrence this year when a group of sixty-five Springers began practicing their driving skills. Under the careful instruction of "iron-willed" faculty members, Springers participated in morning and afternoon classes. A fte r thoroughly learning the motor vehicle laws of Virginia, each student was given the opportunity to practice his newly acquired knowledge in driving cars furnished through the courtesy of T.C. Williams Plymouth and Lawrence Dodge M otor Companies. Upon successfully completing a minimum of seven class periods, the student driver was awarded a well-earned certificate. In addition to gaining valuable experience in the habits of correct driving, students with certificates became eligible for a ten percent discount in their insurance rates. I. M r. M o tley impresses upon Brenda G riggs the im portance o f knowing the tra ffic laws before attem pting driving. A fte r fam iliarizing herself with the procedures o f skillful driving, the student makes her own way under the w atchful eye o f the instructor. DRIVER 133

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