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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Left Standing: Ray M

Left Standing: Ray M ansfield, Jim Vickery, David Atkinson, James Jim m y Smith, Tommy De M a rtino Left Kneeling: co-captains Ricky Eacho, G eorge Clayton, David M artin, W . E. Matthews, Steve Gates, Combs, Bobby Weis, and Coach Lammay. 8 -1 0 SEASON ACHIEVED BY JAYVEE TEAM In spite o f its disappointing record of eight wins and ten losses, the junior varsity basketball team had a strong season. The team averaged 43.7 points per game while holding the opposition to an average o f 40.2. During their first ten games, the Jayvee was at its peak, accumulating a record o f six wins and four losses. Among the early wins were included a 50-30 romp over Lane and 46-25 crush over Varina. Playing very strong defensive ball, the Springers managed a 35-22 win over Douglas Freeman, after carrying a 25-9 lead into the last quarter. A t mid-term, the Jayvee lost two o f its most valuable players, B. Weis and G. Clayton, causing the team to suffer a disastrous slump. They were able to win only two of their last eight games and lost six consecutive games. This streak was not broken until the team pulled o ff a come- from-behind victory at J, R. Tucker. From there, the Jayvee went on to an easy 48-38 victory over Lane. The most valuable player on the Jayvee team was Ricky Combs, who, in spite of his size, managed to average better than ten points per game. He also set the team's high scoring for one player record in a 54-32 trounce over Varina. Among other valuable players was David Atkinson who scored 24 points in a game to tie Comb's record and became the second highest scorer on the team. SPRINGERS OPPONENT 50 Lane 30 29 Thomas Jefferson 34 46 Varina 25 50 George Wythe 53 40 Henrico 42 53 Hermitage 41 35 Douglas Freeman 22 45 John Marshall 49 59 J. R. Tucker 34 54 Varina 32 42 George Wythe 51 31 Thomas Jefferson 34 34 Henrico 42 41 Hermitage 47 38 Douglas Freeman 43 36 John Marshall 55 55 J. R. Tucker 52 48 Lane 38 786 Totals 724 142

W ith a quick slap, "B enjy" Clayton steals the ball from the opposi- David Atkinson easily outwits his opponents to score two more tion, averting a score. points against H erm itage. 143

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