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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Sp-'nger cheerleaders,

Sp-'nger cheerleaders, led by Betty Slaughter, b -m a flag symbolizing the Manchester defeat-to-be. Left to Right: Alternate, Dorothy Brown, Brenda G riggs, Frances Nuckols, Donna G ardner, Connie Eborn, Head, Betty Slaughter, Susan Kaufelt, Sue Ann Madison, Diann Davis, M ary Ferguson, and Linda Edmonds.

Connie Eborn reflects a mood o f disappointm ent after a Springer loss. CHEERLEADERS ADD ZEST TO ATHLETIC EVENTS The varsity cheerleaders began their work during the summer months and performed their first duty by welcoming the sophomores on orientation day. The next few weeks were filled with last minute details in preparation for football season. The cheerleaders worked hastily painting signs, sellinq ribbons, and conducting rallies for the up-coming games. The highlight of the football season came with Pep Week which included pep rallies, stunts', and a bonfire. The end of football was followed closely by the beginning of basketball season. The brief pause between the two sports was spent in preparing new cheers and making the traditional Highlander kilts. W ith the end of December came the annual Thalhimer Cheer Rally, which was a memorable event for the cheerleaders, as they were named runners-up. The last duty of the cheerleaders was the teaching of cheers to the sophomores and the juniors who were in hopes of earning the honor of being known as a Springer cheerleader in the coming year. Senior varsity cheerleaders help spark another win in basketball with enthusiastic cries o f "V ic to ry !"

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