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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

148 A G eorge W ythe

148 A G eorge W ythe player skillfully snatches up the ball fo r the tag, but Springers' Steve Kennedy hits the dust and slides safely into third base. SPRINGERS CLINCH AREA S DISTRICT Baseball team members are qu ie t as they join in the Lord's Prayer in a solemn m om ent, before the noise and excitem ent o f an im portant game.

Springers Rick Ziegler, Ricky Combs and David Atkinson cannot resist yelling encouragem ent and advice from the sidelines. TITLE FOR THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR Left to Right: 1st Row: David M artin, Terry M itchell, Dan King, W a r­ ren Jenkins, Ronnie Hale, Ricky Ziegler, Charles Gates. 2nd Row: Steve Kennedy, Roger Rouse, Donald M artin, Ronnie Goodm an, Jim m y Salomone, Ricky Combs, Don King, Ronnie Davis. 3rd Row: Coach Bob Bralley, W ayne Huband, W ayne Conner, Steve Gates, Billy Bolton, Lewis Brooks, Earl Boykin, David Atkinson, Coach Joe Durham. 4th Row: Ricky Powell, M ike Rowe, A ndy H all, W ayne W arren, Charlie Parker, Jim m y Rowe, Nicky Geer, Buddy W rig h t. 149

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