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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Before the start o f the

Before the start o f the game with Douglas Freeman, S pringer players and managers take a few minutes o f tense and anxious relaxation. SPRINGERS SPORT 12-2 WINNING RECORD The Springer Nine, posting a 12-2 record became the first team to win the District Championship for three consecutive years. The success was due greatly to the clutchpitching efforts of Ronnie Hale, who was forced to pitch in nine games because of injuries suffered by the starting pitcher, Dan King. According to statistics, Hale, being undefeated in nine starts, gave the best performance in the Capital District, striking out eight-three batters and turning in a fantastic .32 earned-run average. King hurled the other three victories and supplied some o f his own batting support. Although relief pitcher Butch Jenkins, pitched two fine games, he was defeated in both attempts. The entire team's defense was, indeed, another strong point. Jimmy Salamore led the Springers with a fielding average of .966; Don King, .956; Ronnie Goodman, .950; Donald Martin, .934; and Roger Rouse, .925. The Springers' hitting was not quite as strong as it was in previous years, but it was more consistant. Donald Martin led the team's hitting attack with a .375 batting average and two home- runs. Steve Kennedy followed, hitting .342 and slugging one homerun. Ronnie Goodman, Dan King, and Rodger Rouse also contributed strongly to the Springers' offense. W ith the combined efforts of the entire team, the Springer Nine was able to coast to the end of the season with a 6-game winning streak after their mid-season loss to George Wythe. Dan King, veteran H . S. pitcher, attem pts to fire the ball past the G eorge W ythe batter. 150

SPRINGERS OPPONENTS 4 Hermitage 3 3 Henrico 0 8 John Marshall 1 1 Thomas Jefferson 0 2 Tucker 4 4 Douglas Freeman 2 0 George W ythe 1 6 Varina 2 13 Henrico 4 6 Thomas Jefferson 2 4 Tucker 1 1 Douglas Freeman 0 4 Varina 0 4 George Wythe 0 H.S.'s Roger Rouse smashes a double against the Panthers o f H e r­ mitage. Distracted Springers look on disinterestedly as th e ir lagging opponents score a hard-earned run.

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