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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


THINCLADS HAVE A DISMAL 1-8 LOSING SEASON That Springers could not always be winners was very much evident with the Highland Springs track team this season, in spite of the tremendous spirit and push of the boys. Working hard to overcome both a rough schedule and a loss of some o f the team's best members who received injuries, the thinclads found themselves in the midst o f a dismal 1-8 losing season. Also hampering the team's scoring was the lack of runners for the 440, 880, and the mile. A fte r falling behind in these events, the team found it difficult to make up the difference and lost its first two track meets by substantial margins. The season began to look brighter, however, when the Springers easily downed Varina, 90l/2-40l/2, scoring nine out of eleven first places. Unfortunately for the team, the victory over Varina was not repeated in the next six consecutive meets. Leading the team in its futile bouts with area schools was Nicky Paravati, attaining a total of 155 points. In addition to being high scorer, he was presented the "M ost Valuable Team Member" trophy at a special awards assembly. Also receiving recognition was Glenn Cox, ."Most Improved," and two additional high scoring members of the track team, John Mueller and Ricky Ripley. In spite of the team's unsuccessful record, the Springer thinclads remained undaunted and optimistically looked forward to a brighter season in the coming year. David Boltz is fram ed against a w intry sky at the peak o f an exhilarating jump. SPRINGERS OPPONENTS 47 Lane 84 45 Thomas Jefferson 86 901/a Varina 40l/2 49 George Wythe 77 60'/2 Henrico 701/2 60'/2 John Marshall 701/2 48 Douglas Freeman 83 l8 l/2 Hermitage IN 1/2 381/2 J. R. Tucker 92l/2 I 152

W ith strained determ ination, Nick Paravati, in a burst o f speed, clears a final hurdle on the way to the finish line. Fatigued and disappointed, Eddie M urray, experiencing the frustration o f defeat, is com forted by Don King. 153

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