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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


HE9ITANT CLA8S OF 66 ENTER8 H.8. FOR Senior Class O ffice rs: Susan Kaufelt, Treasurer; Terry M itchell President; Dan King, Vice President; Connie Eborn, Secretary. R IC H A R D W A Y N E A ILS TO C K G LE N D A JE A N A D AM S SANDRA LYNN ALEXANDER JO Y C E LOUISE ALVIS JERRY NELSON A N C A R R O W SHIRLEY JE AN ARM ENTROUT PATTIE TREAKLE A R W O O D SHIRLEY KAYE ATKINS 158

FINAL EXPERIENCE WITH SPRINGER LIFE JA N E T H O M A S A TK IN S O N PAUL DAVID ATKISSON On a sunny first of September, a group of three hundred and fifty students, ready to spend the next nine months in a final effort of preparation for the challenges of the future, entered Highland Springs High School. They entered, not only as individuals, but as a class— a class that was unique in the sense that it alone would bear the title— Springers, Class of '66. Amid the confusion which accompanies the beginning of any large undertaking, the new upperclassmen greeted old friends and became acquainted with those students who would become new friends. Although somewhat unsure o f themselves, they readily accepted their new role as "seniors". Their uncertainty was lost as the pace of events quickened and the seniors took their places as the leaders of the student body. The new responsibilities in extracurricular activities plus heavy assignments o f homework placed a constant pressure on the seniors. Fortunately, the fall season provided many opportunities fo r relaxation for the upperclassmen. The main diversion was the school and class competition brought on by the weekly football games and morning pep rallies. Many a senior forgot the problems o f the day as he joined his classmates in an all-out effort to outyell the underclassmen as the school whipped up spirit for that night's game. As fall faded into winter, the spirit of the Christmas season soon caught the full attention of the seniors. Many student leaders and club members worked diligently in their organizations' charity drives, but the holiday fun returned with the annual Christmas dance. M IC H A E L T H O M A S BAFFUTO BENA ELIZABETH BAILEY (C opy continued on page 160) D O N A LD ATHELSTON BALL C E C ILIA A N N BARBER LIN D A LEE BAR H A M JU D ITH A N N BARKER ROY GENE BARNES FRANCES LOU B AU M G AR T BARBARA A N N BAYLISS ELIZABETH M A R lE BEACH 159

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