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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


SENIORS GAIN NEW CLASS SPIRIT AS PEP BERNARD J O H N BEASLEY BETTY C A R O L BECKNER JAM ES ELLOIT BELLAM, JR. W IL M A M AE BENDER A tearful C hristy Cooke, just announced "M iss H ighlander", 1966, receives the congratulatory embrace o f one o f the other contestants. W ALTER JAM ES B IS C riO FF PEGGY a N N BLEVINS KENNETH ALBERT BLASKA BARBARA JA N E BOONE The coming of the New Year was followed closely by mid-term exams. February and March held their own anticipation for the seniors, since it was during this time that many of them received notification of acceptance or rejection from the colleges to which they applied. These crises passed, though not always happily as the months rushed along. The pace of school life took an upswing with the coming of April and the Junior-Senior Prom. Curious seniors tried their best to find out what was going on behind those well-guarded gym doors as the juniors rushed in and out carrying building materials and decorations. For many of the seniors, prom night was a joyous one as the senior "W ho's W ho" was announced and the upperclassmen recalled their times of learning and fun together. [C o p y continued on page 161) 160

RALLIES CHALLENGE SENIOR SUPERIORITY A N N M ARIE BOSSERMAN L IN D A C A R O L BOWERS There was a note of sadness, too, as some seniors realized that this would be the last prom they would attend as students of Highland Springs. A week after the prom came final exams, held early for the first time. Although some lucky seniors were exempt due to high grades, for most of the students exam week was as rough as ever. The final exams marked an importa'nt turning point for some seniors since the outcome of the tests would determine their eligibility for graduation. The last six weeks brought warm weather and the growing anticipation of graduation. The combination of "spring fever", awards assemblies, graduation rehearsals, and class and club picnics were more than enough to keep the seniors' minds o ff their studies. As the evening of graduation drew near, the excitement caused by the novelty of graduation changed to a sudden awareness of what graduation meant. W ith this awareness came a feeling of nostalgia, sadness, and even regret that it was almost over. Looking back over the past year, the seniors were amazed with the changes in themselves. No longer were they uncertain, but sure of themselves. They had fe lt the thrills o f accomplishment in academics and leadership in extracurricular activities. They now understood the meanings of responsibility and maturity, and most important, were ready to face the future with confidence. C A R O L A N N BOYKIN T H O M A S ROBERT BRANDO N, JR. R IC H AR D EUGENE BRAY NELSON W A Y N E BROW N PATTI LEE BRO W N PEGGY LEE BROW N C A R O LY N RUTH BRUCE C A LV IN VICTOR BRYANT M ARYALYCE BUDJINSKI T H O M A S C A M E R O N 161

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