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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

S . S . Sutton Ted

S . S . Sutton Ted Teachey Ann Terry Ricky Thibault Steve Thomas Judy Thornton Donnie Thurston John Tilley H e rb e rt Timberlalce Carolyn T ittle Diane Trainum W ith machines and tools as his aides, Charles Powell gains valuable experience in metal shop.

N a n c y Traylor Kenny Trim m er Richard Tuck Brenda Tucker Paula Tunstall Steve Twombly Richard Van Ness Judy Van Staden Suzanne Varnier Shelby Vayo Bernard Veronee Patty Via Kevin Vickery Bobby W alden Hazel W alton Junior status, traditionalized by ring ownership, was achieved, when in October, while sophomores looked on enviously, juniors placed their orders and optimistically awaited the arrival o f the school rings in early spring. Rumors circulated throughout the school during the month o f March predicting the impending arrival of the rings; however, it was not until A pril twelfth that the proud, excited juniors actually did receive them, just in time for them*to be proudfully displayed at the prom. The high point of the social year, the Junior-Senior Prom, was o f special significance to the class of 1967 since they were in charge of its production. Combining the artistic talent and ingenuity of Junior class members, the gym was transformed into a scene of riverboat days from America's past. .Left: Junior Class sponsors, M r. Cover and M r. Durham, jokingly exchange classroom experiences. 211

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