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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

As he reclines on the

As he reclines on the steps o f the gym, Jim m y Powell dreams o f breaking international track records. W ayne W arren W endy W est Judy W ells C indy W hite Chuck W hitlow Jim m y W hitlow Betty W hitm e r Richard W ilcox G ail W illiam s \ ml * I H B R H m f l l I - y -; v t A Jim m y W illiam s Kathy W illiam s Joanne W illiam son Trina Wilson Edna W indh am 212

STITZER AND WHITLOW TIE FOR PRESIDENCY On A pril 16th, juniors and seniors, with their dates, enjoyed the results of eleventh-grade committee members' hard work. As the school year progressed, pride gave way to a rise in over-all class accomplishments. Assemblies were held at which an impressive number of eligible juniors were tapped into the organizations honoring literary, scholastic, and leadership achievements, specifically the Beta Club, Quill and Pat W irtz Anne W o o d Everett W ood Scroll, and the National Honor Society. The year's end, which reflected a change of attitudes from pride to accomplishments, found the juniors standing aside, some a little enviously, as the graduating seniors received their diplomas. The night of the commencement ceremony w a s o n e which aroused mixed feelings of expectation— for the seniors life was just be­ Pat W oosley Donna W rig h t Linda Yates ginning, but for the juniors there was one last and important chapter to complete at Highland Springs. Billy Young Nancy Young C athy Z ie gler Ricky Z e igler I Through concentration and reflection, David Kennedy pursues his studies. Lee Zodum Kenny Zuraw 213

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