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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


G. NOEL, B. BOST, H. DICKINSON AND L. Shirley Faris W ayne Farley Jan e Faulkner Ann Felts Mitchell Flournoy Sharon Fowler John Fowlkes John Fraysee Sandra Frizzell Kathy Furgurson W alter Garrett Steve Gates Janice Gaulding Ju d y G eer Larry Germain Jesse Hart and Alan Sitterson patiently wait tor their "golden pumpkin" #138 to come and take them home. 218

POINDEXTER OVERSEE SOPHOMORE CLASS New experiences are always memorable ones, and the first day at H.S>. for the sophomores was indeed an experience! Feeling a bit more secure after their welcome and tours at sophomore orientation, the new arrivals set about finding their assigned classrooms. In the confusion of the crowded halls and walkways, it was quite obvious which students were new, despite their efforts to appear unperturbed. A t lunchtime, weary of foot and mind, they made their way to the cafeteria which resounded with their complaints and praises of the new "Springer life." Upperclassmen sat calmly at their tables exchanging knowing looks; after all, they had been through it all, too! In several days, things began to settle down, and preparations were begun towards the opening of football season. Soon, the sophomores found themselves in the midst of friendly class rivalry. They raised their voices at pep rallies only to have their battle cries drowned out by the more experienced juniors -and seniors. Unwilling to be outdone, however, the sophomores began to show their own "Springer Spirit." The girls practiced cheering while the boys on the jayvee football team came out with a big effort that boosted them to a winning season. On Friday nights, the bleachers were filled with enthusiastic IOth graders supporting their team. In organizing their class, the sophomores chose Mr. N. A. Somma to sponsor them. Candidates for the four class officers were selected and the election was held. (Continued on page 223) Richard Gill Butch Gilliland Jo e Gilliland Donnie Goddard Daff Gooding Diane Gooding Pat Goodman Mary Kay Gorman Kenny Gough Linda Gough Becky Graves Ronnie Green Beverly Gregg Paul Griffin Reid Griffin LInda Groome Jo e Gus+i James Hackett _ Andy Hall Sharon Hall Susan Hall Bonnie Hardiman Bobby Harding 219

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