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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Andrea Lawrence Margaret

Andrea Lawrence Margaret Lindsey Sandra Lindsey Brenda Locklear Linda Luck Richard Luck m M Mmmm m K m , m ^ W ayne Luck Martin Ludeke Helga Ludwig Claudia Kent hurriedly grabs her book as she rushes to her next class. Ricky Ludwig Betty Malone Susan Mann Ray Mansfield Becky Marshall Susan Martin JoAnne Matthews W . E. Matthews Connie McDaniel Jim m y McDonald Jimm y McDearmon Mary McFarland Cindy M cKay ■H an JKK Lewis Queillier Danny Meade Yolanda Meek Allen Miller Jan ice Miller

CLASS OF 68 GREETED AT H. S. Johnny Mitchell Charlotte Molina Sharon Moore Debbie Morgan Carolyn Moss Lean Murphy Gale Noel was their choice for president, with Billy Bost assisting him as vice-president. Hallie Dickinson and Linda Poindexter were elected as the secretary and the treasurer, respectively. The year began to hurry by and students turned to their books in earnest. With each successive report card, the list of sophomores on the honor roll grew. Christmas vacation came and went, and exams were finished. Only too glad for a break in the drudgery of school work, Springers followed the basketball team from gym to gym, cheering them on to victory. Just as they had during football season, the sophomores made another fine showing. The spirit shown at the beginning of the year was still there, if not doubled. No amount of spirit could quench, however, the envy of the sophomores when the juniors, finally received their rings, when the upperclassmen prepared for their Junior-Senior Prom, or when the graduates proudly received their diplomas. It seemed unfair to be excluded from class rings, the prom, and graduation; but, little by little the light began to dawn. W hy, they were practically juniors already! Jackie Needham Kathy Nixon Gale Noel Mary Norford Tommy Norwood Bill O rr Sharon O rr Cindy Oxendine Linda Pace Allen Fletcher makes use of the card catalogue in forming a bibliography for his English term paper. 223

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