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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


MRS. NETTIE H . M RS. LO U IS E S. BRO A D D U S T A Y L O R Madison College Longwood College Left: Barbara Christie, library aide, carefully tends to her job of checking library passes. QTUDENTS BENEFIT BY REQEARCH PROGRAM Many Springers became more proficient with the library's f a c ilitie s through the guidance offered by this department in the form of an orientation for all sophomores and library lessons on writing research papers for college bound juniors and seniors. The library was greatly improved for research purposes by the discarding of many outdated books as well as revision of the vocational materials. These steps were recommended by the Evaluation Committee. Some of the time consuming detail work of the librarians was eliminated by centralized processing of books on the county level. A certain portion of the book order was all ready for circulation when it reached the library. Ah additional improvement to the library this year was a new electric stamp clock which denotes the time of arrival and departure on the library passes used by the students. Due to the library's many improvements it accomplished its main 'objective: to improve its service to the students and teachers and to help the students become more proficient users of the library. V ic Bryant finds the card catalogue invaluable in locating sources for a reference paper.

MRS. D O R O T H Y DUKE Longwood College ART CLASSES HOLD "STOCKING STUFFER SALE” # This year the art department welcomed Mrs. Geraldine Powers, a student teacher from Richmond Professional Institute. W ith the help of Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Duke, head of the department, introduced to the students three new art media— acrilic paints, pastels on velvet, and wood block prints. Through the use of these and other such materials, the students were encouraged to develop and emphasize originality and creativity in their work. The department added to the Christmas spirit by holding a "Stocking Stuffer Sale" in which they sold everything from wreaths made of IBM cards, to hand painted soap to ornate Christmas trees. A ll items on sale were hand-made by the students. Proceeds went to the art department for the purchase of an enamel kiln. The coming of spring meant much serious work for the art students as they began to prepare their entries of paintings, sculptures, and ceramics for the Festival of Arts and Technology. Monty Felts displays his innocent, sweet, moral, honest little angel for Mrs. G eraldine Powers. Debbie Dansby and Ann W ood end their art class with a thorough clean-up job.

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