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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


BUSINESS ADDS NEW EQUIPMENT During the year,. the Business Department worked diligently towards its goal: to train commercial students for highly advanced positions in the business world and to prepare them to meet today's business demands. The faculty members were sincerely concerned and interested in the abilities of each individual student. Besides these interests, the business teachers kept up-todate with the newest techniques. For the first time, electric typewriting was taught in Typing II. A keypunch machine was added to the business equipment, and the operation of this machine was taught to all students interested in such a career. The business faculty also supported the Vocational O f­ fice Training course which offered the use of such frequently used machines as dictaphones and adding machines. The program was set up to instill in each student a sense of independence and responsibility, both of which are necessities in today's business world. M argie Pruitt and Ann W ood compare instructions on their assignment for typing class. MRS. BARBARA J O LA R R Y DUTY MRS. F R A N C E S B. B U N C H University of Richmond H A Y N E S Longwood College Madison College MRS. LO U IS E C . LA N N IN G H A M Radford College MRS. M A R Y H . PIER CE Longwood College M ISS ETH ELYN M. SH EPA R D Longwood College MRS. R O SE M A R IE T A R K IN G T O N Richmond Professional Institute

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